Kayfabe Mason's debut match interview!

Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: Xbox One' started by Mason Foster, Jun 29, 2016.

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  1. *Mason is casually walking inside of the arena in his casual wear. A voice following behind him*
    Vanessa York: Excuse me, Mason, Mason! *she calls out hurringly behind*
    *Mason turns around, blinking*

    Mason: Oh! Sorry, may I, the show, help you?
    Vanessa York: Just for an interview, your debut match here is against Robert Blake, are you excited for your debut match and what do you think of your opponent?
    *Mason places his thumb and finger on his chin as he thinks of a way to answer the question*
    Mason: Of course I'm excited, quite honestly I'm pumped. I've seen Robert Blake at work, he's a phenomenal worker. And this isn't just me ass kissing! This is why my debut will be just as sweet when me, the show gives him his curtain call and pins him, one two three in that ring.
    *Mason looks over to the side, seeing a new face*
  2. Robert Blake: Em....who are you? You seem like the most generic good guy on the roster right now, well you or JJ Colton. I think you said you're going to pin me? Do you know who I am?! I am the fucking World champion. I beat the biggest stars every week and now I have you? This is going to be so easy. Did you even know I was the world champion? Did you even know you had a match with the best wrestler in this league? I guess the GM doesn't like you....No one likes you anyway. You came in here as a nobody and said you're going to pin me? Nah....I'm going to kill you Saturday. I'm going to make you cry in your own blood, then you will know you're not ready for someone like me.
  3. *Mason grins softly, crossing his arms together*
    Mason: I'm impressed with what you've done and don't get me wrong, I know your achievements. I guess the GM wanted me to have a match that.. Challenged me? And trust me, I'm not as generic as you believe I am, I am Mason, the whole show! Quite frankly your show is coming to a close! And hey.. I may not win this Saturday, you are a world champion and all.. But you'll be hurting when I'm done with you, don't you worry about that.
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