Mass Effect 3 Indoctrination Theory "Spoilers obviously"

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  1. So, i have just finished the new DLC for Mass Effect 3, which really brought up the question more of "Is Shepard really Indoctrinated?" Now at first i thought that theory was quite stupid and something i didn't think about much. Then i thought about it some more, and really wondered if it was indeed true. Now, for those who have played it is pretty well documented that Shepard dies to save humanity. Certain things just don't add up though for me during the game that i have recently thought of...

    1. The boy you encounter- The very first time you encounter the boy he is in an airduct hiding from the reapers. You stop to help him as Anderson literally is in the same room as you not even mentioning or responding to the boy. That was always strange to me, but what really is interesting is later, before you take off from Earth, you watch the boy as he gets into a dropship to evacuate earth, only to get destroyed by a reaper. Notice when you watch him NOBODY helps him into the ship as he struggles to get on. Everyone walks past him and acts as if he doesn't exist.

    2. Encounter with the illusive Man/Anderson - So, when you are on Earth making your last stand against the Reapers, you make your way back to the Citadel to activate the console to unleash the crucible. How the hell does Anderson beat Shepard there? Shepard was way ahead of Anderson on Earth and once he gets there, Anderson is already activating the console. Not to mention, totally unscaved and unharmed, while Shepard is literally bleeding to death. It is possible that both Anderson and the illusive man arent real. The scene could all be in Shepards head. While on Earth after the Reaper blast, radio can be heard saying "No signs of life anywhere near ground zero" even though you are litterally walking around in the open down there. The most intriguing part to me, is when you first get to the Citadel and you ask on your radio "Anderson are you up here?" and he almost instantly replies "Yeah, I followed you up here." Just makes you wonder what is really going on.

    3. Shepard shooting Anderson - So, when illusive man forces Shepard to shoot Anderson being controlled by the Reapers, he shoots Anderson in the right side of his gut. Later, when illusive man is "defeated" both Anderson and Shepard are leaning against a wall resting. However, it is Shepard who is shown clinching his right gut aiding a fresh gun shot wound, supposedly from his bullet wound back on Earth, however he was shot in the shoulder and not the gut. Many believe that it is a symbolic wound and that Anderson was Shepard in that instance.

    4. Shepard's last breath scene - The last scene of the game shows Shepards body in concrete rubble taking his supposed "last breath" before dying. If you notice however, he is clearly still on earth when this happens and not in space or the citadel. Implying the fact that he never even left Earth after the Reaper blast hit him and his squad.

    There are many, many clues on this theory that prove great points, but these were some of the ones that really got me thinking. Hopefully, BioWare explains more of this later, because this would be an awesome swurve to a great game series.
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