News Massive attack in Paris. At least 60 dead

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    AFP says that the death count is up above 60 now. And about a 100 people are held hostage inside a concert hall in central Paris. And two explosions went off outside of Stade de France, which was hosting a friendly soccer game between France and Germany. The stadium was packed with people.

    We're with you, Paris.

    EDIT: AFP now reports yet another shooting within a shopping mall, also within central Paris. That makes 4 shootings within the span of 2 hours.
  2. That's intense. Two of these attacks within a year on France. Hopefully they get to the bottom of this.
  3. French president has just held a press conference. Military is circling Paris and a state of emergency has been declared. All borders to France are now closed.
  4. Words really do fail me, reports of five separate attacks in the capital including the stadium and a hostage situation in a theatre. You all ways remember what you are doing and where you are on a nights like this . September 11 and the 7/7 attacks in london were bad enough. I am from London so I know the terror and fear that my paris counterparts are going through. Just awful news, I do not cry often and being a man I do not want to cry but am feeling this way tonight. Thoughts with those in paris
  5. There are some really sick people out there. My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Paris.
  6. Borders have been closed and there are reports that those in the stadium are still in there for there own safety.
  7. Shootings?! @deth check this out.
  8. Closing the borders is useless now, when there's already 10 million Muslims in France.
  9. It is sick and sad that with all the things we have in the world, and all the reasons to be thankful and happy... there are still people like this who want to only harm innocent people.
  10. The end is nearing, finally.
  11. It has been nearing since the 1940's, where you been :ambrose3:
  12. I'm not trying to take this off topic or pull it away from the horror that did happen, but isn't is strange this happened on "Friday the 13th"?
  13. No?
  14. The death count is now up to over 126 dead.
  15. Where next? Probably London.
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  16. ISIS did it.

    I'm starting to think they just take responsibility for every terrorist attack in the west.
  17. ISIS seems to be responsible for like 90% of terrorist attacks world wide...
  18. Get out while you can.
  19. Better not interrupt my flight this week
  20. That's the idea. Even if they did not do it and it was just a copy cat, they take credit. But considering they've only taken credit for two attacks in the west it's not like they take credit for all of them.

    As a plus, this is going to come back to bite them in the ass, now the west is going to retaliate. The Kurds are already holding steady with ISIS using old soviet arms, if the west start arming them with modern day weaponry ISIS is in for a hell of a beating.

    On the minus side. Sad to see some people reacting to this just as ISIS wants them to. With fear and islamophobia. The main reason ISIS and other terror groups do attacks like this is to fan the flames of hatred against minority groups, who then get oppressed and hated, and badaboom. ISIS has a new batch of potential recruits.
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