Massive Heat On Ric Flair, Looks To Be Finished With Impact Wrestling

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Interesting.
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  2. Back to WWE? You can be almost certain they won't let him back as an active (or maybe even part time) wrestler on their roster. They were the ones who made him retire in the first place, and they might want to at least acknowledge that wonderful send off they did for him the night after Wrestlemania 24.
  3. Tbh how WWE is atm I wouldn't be surprised if he were to return.
  4. If he returns to WWE it won't be as active ring talent. It will most likely be a behind the scenes role were WWE can keep tabs on him and still let him work his magic (Man does know the business.) If he appears on screen it will either be as a authority figure, manager or on commentary.
  5. I'd dig for a Flair on-screen manager or something. No matches, just him talking. His mic segments on TNA recently have been gold.
  6. It was nice of WWE to clear his debt for him. He should to the polite thing and give back to them
  7. Ric Flair will doing so promos. Like edge promo before ER to John Cena. He's probably come back and tell Triple H kick Bork Lasers ass. :dawg:
  8. 411Mania Wrestling:

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  9. Lmao such a boss. ^^^
  10. Like a work visa for Alex Silva would be that expensive. They are quite cheap if you have a guaranteed income. A friend of mine moved to the US this fall and can testify to this.
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  11. Bullshit!

    We are talking about a TAPED Show. Why they didn`t taped the botched segment again? Because there was no need to do it, cause Silva WAS SCRIPTED to earn the contract. He has a permission to work in the US, too, cause he worked for OVW in the past.

    I'm not buying it. If this were the case, I'm sure the writers would have found a way around it. Instead, Dixie Carter has welcomed Alex Silva to the company in interviews and claims to have spoken to him immediately following the segment to welcome him. I don't think she'd even mention it if the plan was not to sign him.

    I think it's disgusting that Wrestlezone would even put out such a horrible rumor, particularly since it's about a young kid who's really just starting out in the business.
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  12. Well played, Testify. Speak the truth like that. :steiner:
  13. Liked. Wrestlezone are 100% the dirt in dirt sheet.
  14. Testify, just realized: If the original plan was for Al Snow to continue to back him, then Silva cuts his passionate promo as Flair continues to stick to his guns and say no to Silva, then they build up to Bruce Pritchard's decision on whether or not Silva gets his contract, that could have been a little more dramatic than it already was. That wouldn't change how the segment came off on television very much, wouldn't change Silva getting the contract, but Flair not paying attention to the script and letting his ego get the best of him is sure to piss a lot of people off backstage.

    So maybe there's a little truth to it after all.
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