Massive name to return tonight...?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Undertaker's wife Michelle McCool has been spotted twice over the weekend in New Orleans. RAW tonight is in Lafayette, Louisiana.

    Source: SEScoops

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  2. Taker is back to save the WM buys!
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  3. Lol thought at first the massive name was Michelle McCool.

    Please don't Undertaker, I want a CM Punk vs Rock vs Cena WM match, not a Punk vs Taker one.
  4. The only TRUE massive name would be Xanth.
  5. Dont know why , I think taker should not compete this year.
    Really pumped for a triple treath
  6. For his physical sake, I wouldn't want Undertaker to compete either.

    Did he not have hip surgery recently? Apparently he hasn't been able to work out, which makes sense, since he's recuperating from surgery right in the middle of his body. I'm sure I read that he wouldn't want to fake a match, which I respect.
    I will like if he did appear tonight, but I'd also be, maybe disappointed (?), if he is actually suffering. I think he should take a year out and maybe have the last match next year.
  7. lol, was thinking, "Michelle McCool massive?"
  8. Maybe Eve, I don't know, she can return, ask for her rematch and have it at WM29
  9. :mad2:

    You're missing the point here.. It's about Taker.. Not Eve..
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  10. Was wondering the same thing TBH :nogusta:
  11. Well, if Taker can go I'd be down for Punk/Taker at Mania, but if he doesn't return I'll be somewhat spared of Rock/Cena so either one is good.
  12. So taker is back now? Do we find out tonight?
  13. :yes:
  14. That's ....... freakin'....... awesome!

    Can't wait.
  15. Ok, Sorry, but I don't know, maybe he appears just in WM
  16. Michelle McCool, fuck yeah!
  17. And, no, he wasn't here last night. I doubt we're getting him this year, sadly.
  18. I don't know, I think that maybe, just maybe, they put Cena/Punk next week so Taker can have his last week to make up his mind. But I highly doubt that and I think we're getting no Taker and a triple threat.
  19. That's what I was thinking also, otherwise they would have done the match last night.
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