Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. OH SHIT.



  2. @Crayo I know you are a USMNT fanboy so you'll be watching

  3. Good ol US of A getting +1/2 goal at +140 odds.

    Nah, not even I am enough of a faboy to make that bet lol. We gonna get worked like always in Mexico
  4. So be enough of a fanboy to bet on Mexico.

    USA wins = :yay: We advance or some shit like that
    Mexico wins = :yay: Money

    You win either way

  5. Meh. I'm such a glass half empty guy that i view that as a lose/lose.

    Bet on Mexico:

    USA wins: Goddammit, why the fuck did I bet on Mexico
    Mexico wins: Goddamit, we fucking suck dick at soccer
  6. Honestly though I think I'll bet on Mexico just because I think they will win.
  7. So what makes this so "massive"? Cba to go through these clusterfuck soccer sites to see what the big deal is.

    If the US wins, then what? If Mexico wins, then what?
  8. Nothing really I just put the word massive in the title. It is just the only WCQ's that really mean anything to me because besides Mexico these teams are a bunch of jobbers (and yes they still beat the US from time to time)

    basically the US can afford to lose. A win would be glorious as Mexico has never lost a WCQ at home. A draw would be more than expected, and probably what we can realistically hope to cheer for as fans

  9. Hey you can't get angry as a US Soccer fan. If we had our best athletes out there who knows what would happen?

    "Chris Paul inbounds the ball to Tiger Woods, who kicks it to Mike Trout who sees an opening, hits Larry Fitzgerald on a slant route who hits it over to Adrian Peterson... wow did you see that move! AP almost breaks a defenders ankles! He draws the double team and kicks it over to Jacoby Jones who's running free! He outrun his defender and gets it in the box to LeBron who GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! HAT TRICK FOR LEBRON JAMES! MAN THAT GUY IS AMAZING! NOBODY LIKE KING JAMES"

    Yeah, compete with that Eurofags.
  10. When's this on? Later?
  11. 5 hours and 12 minutes from now.
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  12. :yes:
  13. Not sure I want to actually stay up and watch it.
  14. Hey, beats staying up for Raw
  15. Exactly. Dempsey > Punk
  16. Sorry to say this, but Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez > Dempsey. Chicharito is arguably my favourite player on the planet tbh.
  17. Woo Go Chicharitio

    I put a lot of money on Mexico -1 lol
  18. @Crayo @Cynthio

    Crowd is hot
  19. Was going to go bed... So tempted to watch this now. Why? Why do I have to be such a football mark? It's 2:30am.
  20. goddamn close to 100k fans :harvey:
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