Kayfabe Master Interviews: Episode 2 (Reloaded)

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    The former Reagmaster is seen slightly sadder than the last time we saw him. He is in the exact same hoodie that he wore in his interview last time but now he has a baseball cap because why not? He is also standing next to someone you should know straight away because you should know everything about this league.

    Former Reagmaster(in a dullest voice ever): Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Ethan Max. It is no longer The Reagmaster because The GM Ryan Blake hates Antarctican names...*sigh* You know what? Fuck that. Cameraman edit this part out afterwards

    Cameraman: Seriously? He had a go at you last time, you said your real name.

    Reagmaster: Shut up Cameraman and start it again.

    Cameraman: You don't even know my name do you?

    Reagmaster: No. Now get rolling!

    A sigh can be heard from behind the camera which is presumably from the camera man

    Reagmaster: Ladies and Gentleman, my name is The Reagmaster! And for the second episode of Master Interviews, I have a special guest. The currently injured Rhys Blaze! How are you doing today?

    Rhys: Hey man what's up! I'm doing great. *Rhys is wearing a casual outfit, a black open bomber jacket with a plain black shirt underneath.* You are pretty mean to your camera man... Poor guy.*Rhys takes off his jacket and throws it in the direction of the cameraman* Its good to meet you Ethan. Or reagmaster... Whatever you like. Its great to be back here in Precision, my home. *The crowd are heard chanting faintly since this is taking place backstage* I'm still not 100% so there better not be anybody here waiting to attack me. *Rhys squints his eyes to scan the area jokingly*What do you wanna talk about today?

    The Reagmaster: It's a cameraman, Don't worry they are not even handsome enough to get on screen. Anyway, You got that very very serious minor concussion from your steel cage match with Victor...How da hell do you say that? Soke-ov? So-love? Soko Noko?

    The Reagmaster reads the name very slowly and it takes like a minute for him to say the name right

    The Reagmaster: Sokolov! There we go! Victor Sokolave. Wait shit! I just got it right, come on! Screw it, you know what the name is and all of the viewers know what the name is. if they don't know, they can youtube search it. So you had a steel cage match against the other guy and after, a weird unknown theme song started to play. Do you have any idea what that was? Like if it was a beaver coming back for world dominance or?

    Rhys: *Rhys has a sudden sharp grin* That music you heard was the return of my best friend and tag team partner Will Nielson. After defeating 'Victor Sokolave' as you like to call him, I got justice for my buddy Will at summerslam by cutting the career of the devil short and removing him from the roster. I finally overcame the odds in the Devil's playground match but the pain from the match has taken over me, mentally and physically. It sucks to have to be out on the sidelines watching my partner make his return, but things like this just happen you know?

    The Reagmaster: I might know. But why da fuck did Will's theme song play then not play after your match with Victor? Will didn't even come out! It was just awkward, really. Anyway, I like exclusives so I must ask, is there any update on when you might be returning to the wrestling ring of rings?

    Rhys: *He scratches his head and looks down while having a moment of silence* I- I don't know. When im cleared, I'll be back ASAP, but only the docs know when that is. I hope to be back very soon but right now im resting and training for my return. I will be returning wrestling better than ever, me and Will are going to fight until one of us claims gold. The future looks bright!

    Master: I'm sorry but that sounded quite cliche, what you just said. Wow. That was like extremely cliche. Like if cliche was a length, Then that would have went around the world 6 times and end at Japan. Wow. Anyway the next question on this tiny card. This is from a viewer with the username @xxxFeelTheThunndarfan68xxx and he, yes it is a he because we checked their profile and we were surprised also but then again not many girls watch wrestling so... Yea, he asks if you think Victor Solololo actually gave you that concussion? It's obvious question but we didn't get many that wasn't what are those?

    Master points at Rhys' shoes as he says it

    Master: or how do you feel about the lord and saviour Harambe? Yea. Answer one of those interesting questions.

    Rhys: Yeah that was cliche... *Rhys laughs* But it's the truth. I'm not gonna say that I wanna keep losing all the time! Now, this question from... "xxxFeelTheThunndarfan68xxx" is interesting to hear. Of course I got this concussion from Victor, how else would it of happened? *Rhys has a quiet nervous laugh* But enough about the injury now, it's in the past and it cannot be undone. And Reag if the fans really wanna know what are these? These........................................................... Are my shoes. Speaking of my shoes, I'll be debuting some new gear on my return too I've been working on while I've been out, so everyone can look forward to seeing it.
    Oh, and don't worry, my next match will be in the memory of Harambe.

    Master: You are just helping the problem of this trend right now, I swear. I don't even know what Harambe did! Anyway you know Neilson better than most people, of course not his parents or relatives but you see my point, you know him quite well. Now this week, Will refereed a match between Chris Parks and....Tony Stark. Why did he have to choose that name out of everything? *sigh* But Tony Stark and Chris Parks were competing with Will as a referee. And Will suddenly started to beat the living fuck out of both guys. Why do you think this happened?

    Rhys: Looks like Will had some unfinished business with the two. Seems as if the rivalry between me and Will vs Tony and Chris is never going to end. We even tried to make them part of our alliance and become friends, and look how that turned out! Complete disaster. I would've of come out there to help my buddy out but... you know... I'm not allowed. Just sucks having to sit backstage looking at a tiny monitor and watching a beat down I can't stop, Will looked like he could take them on but turned out he couldn't.

    The Reagmaster:
    Interesting, I only have 2 more questions for you now if that's very okay with you. Now after the match Tony came out to the ring and actually interrupted my interview which was just a douchebag move in my opinion since he thinks he should be the main event even though he's lost 10 matches compared to 4 wins. Anyway I want to know your reaction to the "pipebomb"

    Rhys: Hmmmm.... yeah, the "pipebomb" was interesting to hear. I believe that everyone here should have a chance at titles and success, but sometimes you just don't reach the mountaintop you know? What I'm trying to say is that you can't complain that you are losing your matches and title opportunities. You have no right to be complaining unless you've proved yourself time and time again, winning or losing is only down to you. The few wins Tony has picked up in his career are great, but its not gonna get him to the main event. I'll fight anyone put in front of me by the GM but you can't win them all. I can't get behind this guy whether hes my friend or enemy.

    Master: I will be surprised if many people get behind that guy because that idea for a segment has been used so many times. But that's not my point. The last question is any last things, you want to say to the fans?

    Rhys: Well all I want to say to the fans is keep watching. When I return I'll be better than ever because I desperately need to get some momentum going for myself. Defeating Victor was just the start of it and I will do my best to win more matches for my fans out there who still are supporting my career.

    Master: Well there we have it folks, thanks to Rhys Always for wanting to be interviewed by yours truly. Don't forget to subscribe then like then comment random things about Harambe and advertising your channel. I am The Reagmaster and you are all disasters! That's a brilliant catchphrase, I should use that more often. Now Cameraman, cut the thing

    Cameraman: I know what I'm doing

    Reagmaster: Well if you did then it would have cut off by now, you stupid idiot!

    The video comes to a end

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