Kayfabe Master Interviews: Episode 3(Civil War)

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  1. The Reagmaster is seen backstage in a black and red hoodie so he looks real cool as he holds the microphone in his hand, looking at the cameraman, with anger. Oh and there's someone familiar by him and you will probably know who it is by the title

    Reagmaster: Are you ready? I don't care about your answer because I'm ready. So roll already! What's taking so long?

    Cameraman: Dude, we have been rolling for like 5 minutes. That's why I counted down from 3, 5 minutes ago but you haven't said anything since!

    Reagmaster: Oh, I thought you were just reminding yourself which numbers go in which order because you are that dumb! Anyway Ladies and Gentleman, my name is not The Reagmaster because Ryan still hates Antarctican names and he said that if I said my name was The Reagmaster so my name for this episode is..Bob. Yea. Bob. Let's go with that, so today we have a special guest, kinda because we have the guy who holds money in the bank like most of us but he has a briefcase saying it so he must be important. Will Neildaughter! (Get it? Neilson, Neildaughter. HA! Laugh at my jokes!)

    Will: Sup. *Will sits down in the chair opposite 'Bob'* Nice joke man, it's good to see someone else has got a bit of humour around here. You know about Robert Blake don't you? First ever unified champion, first ever superstar to have his own brand of mascara and much more I don't even know about. I face him on Sunday... and I'm gonna beat him, no question about it. I know I'm being very optimistic here.... but I know I can do it. I'll do whatever it takes to hold that Undisputed Championship. *Will puts his feet up on the nearby table, aswell as placing his briefcase on the table.* Guess I've just covered about 1/2 of your questions already.... If not... fire ahead, ask me anything.

    Bob: Finally, someone gets my humour! Damn, not a single person who I have interviewed recently have appreciated the raw performance and cleverness of my jokes but finally someone does! In all seriousness though, your upcoming match with Robert. Now there are many people online and that who see you as a fool for picking now to cash in on Robert Blake at Hell in a Cell. Especially since you could have waited until 2K17(don't know what we call it in kayfabe) and now you have decided to have your one guaranteed shot at the world championship inside Hell in a Cell with a very dangerous Robert Blake. So please tell us why now? Why did you cash in at this particular ppv?

    Will: I chose to cash in on this night.... because I've just come back from injury and I've got all of this momentum, Robert is a tough nut to crack, but if anyone can do it it's me. *Will lifts his legs off the table and goes back to a normal sitting position.* I'm full of surprises, he doesn't know who he's facing.

    People think I'm a fool because of all the loses I've sustained in this company, being demolished by Buster Gates, bested by Alice Xander, trampled on by Bill Bronson... and much more. I don't care about loses, it just matters about the heart, and what your willing to give to this company. That special guest referee match was a joke, I tried my best to keep things under control, but it all fell apart.

    Bob: Interesting stuff, definitely the fact that you know that Bill Bronson exists even though someone else doesn't. Joseph Diamond. But that's just a call back to the first episode, let's focus on episode 3 or episode 2. Because we had your best mate Rhys Gaze on the last show and he was saying how your rivalry with Stark and Park is never going to end. Do you agree with this? Or do you think that you have the closed that chapter of the "prestigious" book of your career?

    Will: It will end, it will end at Hell in a Cell, once I finally prove myself to everyone that I'm the top dog in this company. Tony and Chris will want to stay as far away from me as they can, once they see me raising that title. I've beaten their asses before and I can easily do it again. Rhys was going on about how he's excited to make his return, and I'm excited asw... *phone buzzes and Will gets his phone out and it looks like he is scrolling through a text conversation, his eyes brighten up at a certain point. He looks back at 'Bob' and quickly puts his phone away.* Shit, there goes a Snorlax. Yeah, sorry bout that... Pokemon Go taking the piss.

    Bob: Wait, there's a Snorlax here? Why did my phone not go off then? That's actually very strange. Anyway talking about Rhys, you said around a week ago that you wasn't sure about Rhys' injuries. Saying that you thought there is more to it than what meets the eye. Care to explain more about it?

    Will: I don't think there is any explanation needed, I was with him the day the "injuries" happened. I was in my locker room ready to go out for my match, and then he says he needs to go somewhere quick and he'll be back in about 5 minutes, I say "Okay then" and he walks off. 10 minutes later he doesn't return, and I get suspicious. I had to go out for my match which is why I couldn't ask any questions to crew members, especially Ryan. Ain't it obvious? It was Robert Blake that injured him, and then persuaded his big brother to write a fake news story to cover up the fact that he attacked him. I know I'm throwing these accusations around, but all the evidence points to him. Pretty sure there were CCTV cameras on the scene, ask Billy he'll know. (Billy is the made up tech guy who monitors cameras)

    Bob: I really do not ask Billy because he gives me the creeps. I don't know, it's just the way he sits in that chair, eating Prawn Cocktail flavour crisps. Like who eats prawn cocktail crisps? But Rhys did say himself in the interview that I had with him that Rhys was injured by the match with Victor Sololake so do you think that he was paid to say these things or something else?

    Will: I guess... must have been threatened to be fired or something if he didn't keep his mouth shut.. I know it was Robert, there is no way he is suddenly injured from a match about a week ago. *'Bob' plays 'About a Week ago' on his phone, Will laughs and nearly knocks his briefcase off the table, but manages to catch it.* What was I expecting... ahaha.

    Bob: Wow...you sound very confident that Haze was injured by Robert even though it doesn't really make sense to me but surprisingly, I am not a main show wrestler. Now for my next question. It comes from a viewer who wanted to remain Anonymous so I will allow them that. They ask what if you don't defeat Robert Blake at Hell In A Cell? What if you don't win the World Championship? What if you become like others from both Exodus and Precision? What if you fail?

    Will: If I don't become world champion.... it's gonna be all over for me, I'll never get an opportunity like this again. Losing is not an option, I will beat Robert Blake... and I will show all of the critics and all of the doubters, that I am a big deal. *There is a knock at the interview door* You want me to answer the door?

    Bob: Go ahead.

    Will: Okay then... who would bloody knock on the door, everyone knows I'm being intervie... *Will opens the door to an unpleasant surprise*

    Bob: Oh for fucks sake.

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  2. *As Will opens the door he is granted with the unpleasant surprise of Robert Blake. Will stays still for a moment not knowing what to do while Robert Blake gives him a devilish smile. As Will raises his hands Robert superkicks Will right in the chest knocking him down to his two feet. Will tries to regain his breath as Bob watches on doing absolutely nothing to stop the fight. Will begins to fight back as he throws punches to the gut causing Robert to retreat for a few seconds. Will is still unable to stand as Robert kicks him right in the mouth most likely causing his teeth to crack. Will is completely knocked unconscious as Robert stands tall laughing at Will. Robert walks over Will's unconscious body and takes a seat in his chair as Bob continues to stare at him*

    Robert Blake: Don't try to say anything funny. I will murder you right now if you try anything. Your name is shit by the way.....Change it. People like to call me Bob and I'm way more important than you around here so change it or be fired.

    Bob: E.......

    *Robert Blake cuts Bob off as he begins to speak*

    Robert Blake: Don't fucking say anything! Wait until I'm gone. I really don't like your 7 year old voice so just shut it. Why did you interview him anyway? Where the fuck was my email?! You know what.....Don't answer me. Stupid minds work together I guess. But I think I'm done here so that's all folks! Tune in next week to the Robert Blake Show!

    *Robert begins to stand as he smiles at Bob. Will slowly begins to move as Robert steps over him. Robert is about to leave but he hears a voice clearly getting it hard to say anything "Fuck you" as Robert turns back*

    Robert Blake: Was that you Bob?! Did you just fucking say that to the first ever Unified World champion? I'm going to make you pay.

    *Robert begins to move once again with anger in his eyes as Bob begins to move backwards. Before Robert can do anything the broken Will jumps on Robert's back clearly the one that said those harsh words as Bob watches on smiling. Will unleashes a fury of punches to the back of Robert's head as Robert tries to defend it. Will jumps to his feet calling for his finisher as Robert slowly begins to stand. Will puts Robert into his finisher position but is unable to completely lock him in. Robert drops to the ground and brings his fist up low blowing Will. Will once again falls to the ground in pain. Robert quickly gets back to his feet looking around trying to take everything in. Bob has left the interview room as Robert begins to stare at Will who is holding his private parts in pain. Robert begins to throw punches on Will as he lays there helpless. Robert brings Will up to his feet and connects with his finisher putting Will's face right into the hard backstage floor. Robert smiles at Will as he lays there a broken man. Robert is about to leave but he hears the voice again
    "That all you got?" as he turns around once again to see Will moving on the ground*

    Robert Blake: What is wrong with you?! You want me to hurt you? Fine! You're done.

    *Robert Blake walks over to Will as he tries to get to his knees. Will somehow gets to his knees and elbows Robert into the ribs. Robert falls back as Will uses all of his power to get back to his feet. Robert begins to run at Will as he uses everything he's got to lift up his leg and connect with half a superkick. Robert falls to his back as Will falls onto his face. Will is trying to stand but is unable to do so. Robert begins to move as Will is crawling onto the interview chair. Robert grabs one of the chairs behind him and begins to walk over to Will holding his jaw in pain. Will is trying to get to his feet but is unable to move. Will leaves his hand wide open on the interview chair as Robert sees. Robert lifts his chair high above his head and brings it down with all of its fury connecting with Will's hand. Will completely falls back screaming in pain. Will clearly has a broken hand as he holds it in deep pain. Robert smiles at Will as he drops the chair and walks away. This time Robert only hears the screams of pain coming from Will and leaves the room as Precision officials enter the room*

    Robert Blake: ......Done.

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    Done real fast so sorry about the mistakes I probably made.[
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