Kayfabe Master Interviews: Episode 4(The Goblet of Fire)

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  1. The Reagmaster is seen in his own personal set. He has a beanie and a dark green hoodie on as he stares at the camera with two "special" guests

    Reagmaster: Are we going?

    Cameraman: Yes

    Reagmaster: You sure?

    Cameraman: Yes

    Reagmaster: You really really sure

    Cameraman: yes

    Reagmaster: You are so boring. You're supposed to get pissed off at me and I get nothing! Like wth man? Anyway ladies and Gentleman, my name will never be The Reagmaster because RYAN Blake is too jealous of my Antarctica name swag so my name for this episode is Chris because that's a stupid and generic name anyway I am being joined by one of my favourites in Precision just because he has managed to enslave in 2016 and that takes skill. I know from experience. So let me introduce Andersen Vegeta! Yeah! Oh and the other kid. Anyway how are you doing Andersen?

    Andersen: Why don't you take a guess as to how I'm feeling, "Chris"...

    Chris: Angry that a asshole like Jack got a title shot instead of you? Happy that you have a slave? Confused why you are facing Tony Stark of all people? all of the options above? I can not read minds, I don't think.

    Andersen: See, progress... Now, I can actually talk and give valuable points. Any type of skilled interviewer would think of a better question that "How are you doing Andersen?". And man, you're delivery's so robotic. "How are you doing"? Why not try to sound natural, like you're not reading from a script? Even The Terminator breaks his words down and sounds more natural than you and he's supposed to be a robot... Anyway, bad delivery and dumb ass questions aside I feel like shit. I give up my Iron Man Championship for a one on one match and I get put in a fucking Fatal-4-Way and that comic book character rip-off bitch Tony Stark gets lucky. I ask for a straight up one on one against Downey for Summerslam and I get put in a Triple Threat with Captain America's boyfriend and some chick with a beard named Joanna Diamond and that American Dragon rip-off gets lucky just like Iron Man did and just last week Joanna manages to fluke his way to another win against me and now I must've turned into a fucking jobber because I'm getting interviewed by some B-Show interviewer because Yenee Roung wasn't available so yeah, I'm feeling great... Fucking dickhead.

    Chris:.....Oh, I am not going to like this interview. So let's get this straight. I give you, your best introduction that you have ever been given and you call me a fucking dickhead? Seriously? That's how we are going with this? Plus Yenee Roung couldn't tie my shoelaces! Anyway I'm contracted to also ask Jack Vogue the same question, So how are you doing Andersen's mule?

    Jack: I'm do...

    Andersen: Woah woah woah. After everything I said just then, the only thing that you took from that was that I called you a dickhead? I called your piss poor delivery robotic and that doesn't insult you? But dickhead does, right? Man you're sad. And also, Yenee'd bitch slap the dick right off your head so don't you ever think that you're even remotely as good as here because you''re not. I'd get a better interview from your camera man... Fucking loser. Jack, you can talk now but only because I said you could.

    *Jack Rogue can be seen to be visibly grinding his teeth, and a very obvious fury is in his eyes. Still, he manages to contain his frustration and speaks in calm tones*

    Jack: Um... to answer your question, I'm just great, thanks Chris. You see, despite general ongoing circumstances in my life... *Rogue casts his gaze into the air between Andersen Vega sat beside him and "Chris", pointedly not looking at anyone* ...this week I am highly focussed and motivated, because I face Joseph Diamond for the Intercontinental Championship inside Hell In A Cell this Saturday. I have a chance to win major gold for the first time in my career and I'm readier than I've ever been. It's very possible that I... won't walk out of the match the same as I walked in. The twisted metal of that cell has changed a lot of people, and being trapped in there with someone willing to fight as hard as you for the same goal is a mental strain for anyone. But I fully understand the risks of the match, and I value the potential reward as much as anything in my life. And despite the danger, I plan on walking out of that cell under my own power... and walking out with the Intercontinental Championship.

    Chris: I'm sorry, I don't think anyone cares about that. But what I think they care about is that Andersen Vega still running his mouth when he's not being talked to like I thought he would. So tell me Andersen, Why are you not facing Joseph Diamond at Hell In a Cell? Why did you allow your slave to accept the challenge? How does that make sense? You want to run your mouth on this show and try and tell me what to do? That is not how this is going to work because let's face it. Who are you facing at Hell in a Cell? Which prestigious star from the PS4 League are you facing? Tony Stark in a pointless match. What's the problem Andersen? Am I proving more of a challenge than your side bitch? Wait which one is that? Yenee or Jack? I forget. So please answer the first question I gave you. Why are you facing Tony Stark? And why is Jack facing Diamond?

    *a small smile appears across Chris' face And Vega just smiles right back*

    Andersen: You said at the top of the show that it was impressive to enslave in 2016, right? That getting Jack to do what I say, when I say it is something impressive... Well, I'll teach you how it's done.

    *Vega looks away from Chris and looks dead at the camera... Actually, more like the person behind the camera*

    Andersen: Hey cameraman, do you have a family?

    Chris: I don't see how this is relevant to m...

    Andersen: Shut up a minutes Reag.

    Chris: No, this is my sh...

    Andersen: Jack... If Reag talks one more time then without hesitation, you're going to kick him in the face, understood?

    *Jack looks at Vega, again showing signs of depression as Vega orders him to hurt another human being... Again. But, at least it shut "Chris" up*

    Andersen: Now, where was I? Cameraman... Answer my question.

    Cameraman: Uh, yes I do.

    Andersen: Wife?

    Cameraman: Yes.

    Andersen: Kids?

    Cameraman: Trying.

    Andersen: Ah, shooting blanks huh? I'm sorry about that. But, I'm sure that you'll get Mrs Cameraman up the duff soon and I know that money can be an issue when you're married with children, so here's what I'm gonna do. If you leave this pathetic excuse of an interviewer and sign a contract to work for me, then I'll triple your pay and I'll guarantee you that your wife and your future children can live life without the worry of money. I mean, working for that twat *Points to Chris* can't pay much and you're always arguing with him, and there's no telling when he gets a little too big headed and decides to get you fired... But you won't have that problem with me. You'll have a secure job, triple the money and since I hate being in front of the camera because I don't think that the people deserve to witness my presence, you'll have less hours and more time to spend trying to make little camerababies... Good deal, huh?

    Cameraman: Uh, wow... I dunno what to say.

    Andersen: Don't have to say anything, my man. I'll get my lawyer to draw up a contract and you sign on the dotted line. That's all the talking that you need to do... So, deal?

    Cameraman: Well, how do I know that you'll treat me right?

    Andersen: I won't. I'm not a liar, and I know that I'm a prick but at the end of the day, working for me has to be much better than working for that inbred *Again, points to Chris* and lets be honest, he doesn't exactly treat you that well anyway... You'll get the same shitty treatment for triple pay.

    Cameraman: Well... Okay. I guess.

    Andersen: Great. I'll get Jack to get my lawyer to draw up that contract after this interview. Now, "Chris"... Onto your questions. I'm letting Jack fight Diamond at Hell In A Cell because he deserves a shot and I may be an ass hole, but I am a fair person. Jack is an extraordinary competitor and I'm slowly making him better. This is a test, to see how far he's come since he came under my employment. Will he beat Diamond? I dunno. But we're going to find out. I am first and foremost a wrestling fan and I for one can't wait to see the new and improved Jack Rogue vs Joseph Diamond for the Intercontinental Championship inside a massive cage. It intrigues me... And why am I facing Tony Stark when I could have any opponent of my choosing who would accept a match against someone of my calibre in a heartbeat? Simple, because he pinned me. Only two people on this roster can say that they've managed to defeat me since my return nearly 3 months ago. Those two people being Joseph Diamond and Anthony "Anarchy" Stark. I don't like losing. Joseph Diamond and I will step into that ring again, very soon and when that happens... I'll leave him in a pool of his own urine but unfortunately he's already been booked. Tony Stark, however has an open schedule. So, at Hell In A Cell, I'm going up against someone who's a little more prestigious than you think. I'm going up against a man who's a former European Champion and the man who has the distinction of being the first man to beat me in nearly a year so trust me when I say that he's no easy victory. But I am a different animal. I am a god amongst men in the wrestling world. I expect Stark to put up a fight and I'd have it no other way, but trust me when I tell you that there's not even a remote chance that he'll come out of this match with a W. I'm going to punish him for thinking that he could just get a pinfall on me and get away with it. I don't take kindly to that. Just like I don't take kindly to nobodies like you disrespecting me. So, if I were you, I'd choose my next set of words wisely because they may come back to kick your head... Clean off your shoulders. *Vega glances up and smirks at Jack, before looking back into "Chris" eyes* So, with that said... Any other questions, "Chris"?

    Chris and Vega have a small staredown as the normally cocky interviewer realises the predicament that he is in as he looks at Rogue then back to Vega then back to Rogue and back to Vega then to the cameraman

    Chris: Really? After everything I have gave you? I was the one that gave you a job in the first place! You should be grateful to me, not leave me when I'm in the middle of a interview! Y'know what?

    "Chris" grabs 5 100 notes from his wallet and shows it to the cameraman

    You see this? This was your paycheck for this week.

    Chris rips the 100 notes one by one infront of the Cameraman while just casually singing a random song which nobody knows but is called GLORIOUS Domination by the CFOs who nobody knows

    Cameraman: I'm going to sue you so bad for this until you don't even have a dime!

    Chris: Try it, my mates one of the best lawyers in the entire country. His lawyer's contract will take a week atleast. So enjoy that week you traitor. Now even though I dislike Diamond. I hope he fucking destroys both of you. Plus you think Rogue is actually going to superkick me? Please! How long did he take to superkick Diamond in the back of head when he wasn't looking? A hour? Two? You say he's "new and improved" But I do not think he is. Considering the fact that you said if I talked again, he has to superkick me. So...

    Chris walks infront of Rogue

    Chris: What are you waiting for? You waiting for Santa Claus to appear? Do it, hurt a man that has truly never done anything to you. I have done as much as the trolls on the internet so why would you hit me? I'm just another one of them but I'm right infront of you, telling it to your face and you have very strict orders to superkick me so why don't you do it? Superkick my head...Clean off my shoulders! Come on! Do it! Answer my question! Do you have the balls to kick me? Shut me up Rogue!

    Chris looks at Andersen with a massive smirk

    Chris: See? He hasn't improved! He is still the same pathetic kid that he always has been and that's why at Hell In a Cell, not only Tony Stark give you that second loss you hate so much but Jack will fail again at becoming Intercontinental Cham-

    *"Chris" is swiftly cut off by a superkick from Rogue, the crack of his jaw painfully audible in the small room as he crumples lifelessly to the floor out of frame. In a split second, Rogue has simply wiped the interviewer out and now stands over him - his employer Vega amazed to the right of shot. Jack himself is breathing heavily, his jaw visibly clenched and his body tense. The regret seen previously in Rogue after the attack on Joseph Diamond is absent, replaced instead with a frothing fury*

    Jack: Ladies and gentlemen... this has been an interview with "Chris"... who will probably regret being so offensive to everyone who has sat down with him.

    *Jack looks over his shoulder at Vega who still looks surprised at Rogue's ferocity. Andersen nods his approval and Jack turns back to the camera*

    Jack: Thank you all for watching - we'll see you at Hell In A Cell, where Antonio Stark will be obliterated... and the world will witness the ascent of he that they always doubted, and a new Intercontinental Champion.

    *Rogue is unmoving, still not comfortable with his actions, as the screen fades to black*

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