Hockey Mastercard Memorial Cup

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gman003, May 25, 2016.

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  1. Anyone else following this series? I've been following the London Knights since they started their playoff run, which they completely dominated btw. Won 13 straight.

    Now they're 2 n 0 in this tournament currently up 4-2 over rouyn. What a game.
  2. Mastercard died? RIP.

    In seriousness. I did not know it existed. Since it is a junior cup I assume it is college/university teams competing? Or am I completely out of the park with that guess?
  3. It's the Canadian hockey league. Age I think 17-19 or 20. Not university teams, but these are the kids who get drafted to the nhl. I think there's a few london knights drafted already, just not quite old enough yet. Their top line combined for over 100 points in the playoffs. Probably closer to 130 points. That's in 16 or 17 games. 3 guys.
  4. This tournament is the top 3 teams in the country plus the host cities team. London has outscored all 3 teams 20-5. Won 6-2, 9-1 then 5-2 last night and get an automatic pass into the finals.
  5. And my fucking knights win the championship in abd overtime thriller! 3-2!!! So proud right now to say i live 20 minutes away from their arena!
    What a playoff run then dominating with a 4-0 record in the top tournament.
    17 wins in a row in the post season. That's just crazy.
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