Mata to Manchester United?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. Some betting agencies have suspended betting, and Sky Sources - one of the few credible outlets - are reporting this as likely to happen. All parties want it to happen, so will it? Should it? Let's discuss it here.

  2. Would be just what they need but not sure if Chelsea will sell to a rival club really hope it happens for matas sake if anything
  3. Mourinho would be smart to sell to a rival in this case. His thinking is probably that if we strengthen, we can take points off of Chelsea's title rivals without being a title rival ourselves. Plus, they want Rooney in the summer and will most likely get him. If they won't sell Mata to us, why would we sell Rooney to them?
  4. Yes I hope they don't sign rooney in the summer and instead give lukaku the chance he deserves next season
  5. Definitely agree there. I'd rather keep Rooney as well.
  6. He only has one year left on his contract after this season I think if he ain't staying they should cash in

    have you heard the cavani rumours thats going around something like psg wanna swap rooney for cavani
  7. We'd have to pay on top of that surely. Rooney is 28, chubby, and a hit or miss player. Cavani is straight up world class. I think there's probably substance in the rumours though as RVP's injury problems have returned, and he's over 30, with Rooney wanting to leave, we need world class strikers.
  8. It would be 2 great signings for then if they pull it off knowing moyes though he'll end up panic buying again
  9. I actually don't think Moyes is the type to panic buy. I just think he was genuinely dumb enough to think Fellaini was worth that money and thought he'd perform for us, but that's even worse than panic buying. If we were to panic buy, I'd have expected like 6 names already this window lmao. The people he is in for are the right people.

    Mata is very likely. Pogba can happen. Gundogan is almost certain if Real Madrid refuse (they have first refusal). Shaw or Coentrao can definitely happen. Reus can definitely happen. Those signings would completely transform the team.
  10. They'd all be great signings for them maybe a new cb too though as well with vidic and rio getting older
  11. Agreed. However, I'd rather we just play Jones there from now on and see how good he really is. People call him future England captain, and SAF said he has the potential to be the greatest ever United player, so he has something. Why not let him flourish? I would welcome Dante though.
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  12. 40 million pound bid made by man utd according to sky
  13. :yay:
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  14. He's exactly the kind of player you need if it happens, proven in the prem to be a class act.
  15. BID ACCEPTED! Chelsea accept £37 million bid from man utd mata having medical tomorrow

    I imagine @Crayo is doing a lot of :yes: right now
  16. Fuck yes I am. Where did you see that though?

    He's apparently doing a medical tonight.
  17. Bbc sport :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Although Mata is a world class player, I wanna see him in the CAM spot instead of Rooney. Rooney gotta play either striker or somewhere in the midfield to really utilize Mata.
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