Preview Show Match Card: RWK Democracy Rules

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    From the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada...

    Democracy Rules!

    RWK European Championship Match

    Michael Kelly (The Chosen Challenger) @M Kells vs Christopher Jordan (The Runaway Champion) @Electro


    1. Two Out of Three Falls
    2. 30 Minute Ironman Match
    3. Ladder Match

    After a long road in his career and life, after efforts to break out on his own, Christopher Jordan finally made good on his opportunity and in a tough Triple Threat Match against Chris Young and the Pride of Portugal, he pulled through and ran away with the RWK European Championship, the first singles championship of his career. But, re-entering the scene, another man who has gone through his trials and tribulations, the man who never lost it, Michael Kelly. The self-proclaimed Chosen One shocked the world and defeated the then undefeatable to win his championship only to be attacked and forced to vacate it. The former rEvolution member now has his opportunity to reclaim his championship in Toronto. Whatever stipulation this match has, both these men with the respect of the fans behind them, have every opportunity to show it is their destiny (or desti-knee) to be a champion.

    IWTMania V Rematch: Non-Title

    Spawn (The Monster) @SIN vs Nick (The Emperor) @Nickelodeon


    1. Street Fight
    2. Best of 5 Tables Match
    3. Lumberjack Match

    Talk about two men with a history that is now spanning across multiple promotions? The two last champions in Internet Wrestling Title's history, Spawn and Nick, have battled in the past before, but at IWTMania V, Spawn had the title he worked his entire IWT Career for be snatched away from him and Nick would go on to unify the championships with the RWK title and form the RWK Imperial Championship. Now, the dastardly champion, after surviving a hungry veteran and the sinful RWK European Champion, has Spawn in his crosshairs again, except to Spawn this isn't about Royal Wrestling Kingdom, it is finishing what he started in IWT on his road to dismantling the roster. Whether Spawn stays afterward and raises literal Hell in RWK is unknown, but Nick, even with his title not on the line due to orders from Kristina Oliver, has his pride at stake in this match.

    A Perfect Display: Number One Contender's Match for the RWK Imperial Championship

    Will Neilson (The British Supernova) @Sanic vs Tyler Keenan (The Global Brand) @Zap Kenobi


    1. Two Out of Three Falls
    2. 15 Minute Iron Man Match
    3. Normal Rules Singles Match

    With the return of Tyler Keenan to RWK, he has chosen a member of the roster to face for his return match and it is a wrestler who is fairly new to RWK, but has already made a major impression. Knocking off the Angel of Death in his debut, Will Neilson has a history of success prior to RWK and he appears to be on his way to replicating it here. But, with the incoming Tyler Keenan, a former champion in his own right, his momentum can be stopped quickly. But, as Neilson impressed in his debut, (and Sanic beat both Beaver and Curry in a single show...sorry had to break kayfabe for a second) and Tyler Keenan has always been able to put on masterpieces in the ring, the board of directors added that the winner will become number one contender to Nick's Imperial Championship. With three stipulations meant to test the pure-wrestling ability of these men, expect a mat-classic in the works.

    A Match To Settle a Score: Number One Contender's Match for the RWK European Championship

    Aaron Harrows (The Top Star) @Green Power Ranger vs Vitor Mata (The Pride of Portugal) @CBK_15


    1. Ambulance Match
    2. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs
    3. I Quit Match

    Two men who have been at the throats of each other since they walked into RWK, the Top Star, Aaron Harrows, and the Pride of Portugal, Vitor Mata. These two men have embarrassed each other, took personal attacks at each other, and when they last faced at IWTMania V, Mata put Harrows on the shelf. At Peace of Mind, Aaron returned, costing Vitor a match for the title he literally believes is his, and the rivalry is reignited with Aaron having the support of the fans and he can end this feud while proving he is as big as a star as Ryan Gosling or Jim Carrey or William Shatner. With the added stipulation of a future European Championship match and the fan stipulations creating a possible blood-soaked encounter, these men who have come so close to European gold can have a major chance to get the title and prove that they are the better man.

    Lion's Crown Qualifying Match: Eight Man Roulette Tag Team Match

    Confirmed Participants:

    El Pecador (The Sinner) @Geek773 / Al Blizzard (The Returning Bruiser) @DemonHunter1257 / Ryder Parks (Seattle's Favourite Son) @TheShadowSoulja / Azrael (The Black Heart) @El Curry / Aleks Grayson (The Crazed Prince) @Finniis / Chris Young (The Amazing One) @impactking / Slate Bass (The Mysterious) @Project Jonny / Alex Valander (Maestro of Malign) @Omega Maniax


    Fans Vote For Team Captains
    Rest of Teams are Determined by a Random Draw

    The Lion's Crown: In an attempt to give a golden opportunity to a member of the roster, the RWK Board has created the Lion's Crown. Granting its holder a title match of their time of choice for either the RWK European Championship or the RWK Imperial Championship with a month's notice to advertise the match, this can add to a dominant wrestler's momentum, provide someone who has been in a rut a new chance to shine, or create an unexpected new champion, this can shake up the landscape of RWK. will we determine who will fight for it.

    Picking eight members of the roster, either former champions, top contenders, or fresh faces, we have the first ever RWK European Champion, El Pecador, the always dominant Azrael, the Amazing Chris Young, the intriguing Slate Bass, the debuting veteran of Aleks Grayson, Seattle's Favourite Son in Ryder Parks, the arrogant Alex Valander, and, returning from injury, Al Blizzard. These men will participate in an eight man tag team match at Democracy Rules. The catch, we don't know the teams until the day of the event. Captains will be chosen by the fans and they will draw their respective teams to go into battle. Winning team will face for the Crown next month. Rivals can become allies, friends can square off, or personal beef may continue. Which team will be able to co-exist to get a golden opportunity?

    The Maddest Brawl in RWK

    Arno Frye (The Insane Artist) @Botchie vs Kameron Kalmar (The Miracle Man) @Psycho Rangers


    1. Fans Bring The Weapons
    2. First Blood
    3. Studio 72 Street Fight

    Two men who couldn't settle their differences in a traditional match, the timing of Democracy Rules couldn't be more convenient as three stipulations mean that there will be a conclusive winner. Arno Frye, and his cronies at Studio 72, have finally had their mischief they have created catch up to them as, with RWK getting the authorities after them for their hostage capturing, and them costing Kameron his chance to be European Champion sending the Brawler from Sunshine Motor's Motel after them with vengeance in mind for him and the people they have tortured. The three stipulations will be able to give both men the chance to end this vendetta once and for all. The Canadian crowd in attendance can be the ones to bring the instruments of torture for the wrestlers if Fans Brings the Weapons is chosen. First Blood may bring a fitting end to this battle, or Arno's master plan can come through in a match he devised, the Studio 72 Street Fight. Either way, women, and children keep your distance, this is the Maddest Brawl in RWK.

    A Battle of Ego

    Joseph Diamond (The Old Prince) @CiV vs Frankie Highwood (The Rude Boy) @DJ Pauly G

    1. Strap Match
    2. Submission Match
    3. Kendo Stick on a Pole Match

    Well, who would have thought Joseph Diamond would really join RWK? The self-proclaimed "Prince" has stepped foot in RWK in hopes of reigning over the kingdom of professional wrestling and the arrogant yet decorated wrestler is walking into the ring with a young-up-and-comer who perhaps can match his ego, Frankie Highwood. After besting a natural in the ring and putting Tyler Quintana on the shelf, he is not suspended like others would have been, but has a chance to face another established wrestler walking into the company and add to his already rising stock. With the arrogance both men share, it is safe to assume neither will give in any stipulation.

    An Animalistic Showdown:

    Red King (The Crimson Ape) @Grievous vs Brad Adams (The One-Man rEvolution) @BradAdams


    1. Into the Wild Match (A Match Starting in a Forrest and can end up anywhere)
    2. Lion's Den Match
    3. A Dog Collar Match

    Brad Adams, riding high off his tag team win with his partner, now has been knocked down a peg. Along with Victor being injured and Michael Kelly seemingly moving on from the group, he is the lone member of rEvolution. Now, needing to rectify one of the things that had happened, he has to face the very beast who pinned him last month, Red King. The Red Ape still has a lot of intrigue around him, so much of which that it is hard to keep track. But, along with Gaia, may be on his way to becoming a real "King" in the Kingdom...but with this "White Queen" character looming over, the very reason the Free-Spirit rejected the match against Lilith Young, can the King focus and repeat the victory at Peace of Mind?


    An Announcement from KJ Kidd @DJ Pauly G

    After someone impersonated him in an interview with James O'Connell in an unsettling display, KJ Kidd, who hasn't appeared since his injury, will address the crowd for the first time after his loss. What will the veteran have to say about what happened at Peace of Mind? Will this person make an appearance? Or...will some rumors of KJ reaching the end of the line be true?

    Deadline for this Show's Promos: August 4th at 11:59pm GMT

    For those who don't have stipulations for their match yet, message us and the polls for the stipulations will be added to the match thread. Anyone can vote in any poll on any match, just the Lion's Crown people can't vote for themselves. The polls will close on the date of the original deadline no matter what. Extensions and stuff are available...just please don't go overboard like last show. This is Democracy Rules, a show we're pegging as a big deal (So big, we gave it multiple themes!) If you know you can't promo, tell us in advance and we will work something out.

    GL, have fun, and may the best man or animal win!
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  2. Good fucking luck, Reag, you magnificent bastard.
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  3. 1: BDSM
    2: BDSM
    3: BDSM

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  4. No wonder you suggested that stuff... And I don't want to know what he and Maria did after your last promo ended... Not safe for Beaver...
  5. my stip is a Best of 5 Table Match
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  6. Whelp, it's time for Slate to win some shit.
  7. Question...what is a "Dog Collar Match"?

    Sounds like a match I'd like to have with Charlotte or Asuka...
    It would be short because I'd simply let them put the collar on

    And then they have to take me home afterwards...
  8. Time to get Funk-eh... Oh wait you're not doing that gimmick anymore... Then umm, Drop the Bass?
  9. It is a match where both competitors are bound by collars and a metal chain. Win by Pin-fall or submission. Search it on YT, can be a brutal match if done right.
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  10. Beaver came up with it. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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    Jesus...then I'll skip facing Charlotte or Asuka then...

    I like how the European title (appears to be) headlining the show...
    and this...

    reminds me of Lucha Underground.

    A very cool looking card.
  12. [​IMG]

    (I made this a long while ago, it was almost a thing.)
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  13. Teddy Long had a hand in making the eight man tag lol

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  14. Some of the inspiration for it :y2j:
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  15. And the stipulations for the last two matches are going to be revealed very soon.
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  16. And all the polls are open!


    And gl. This time, I'll be watching without a match. Also, the member voting on match winner as the "fourth creative member" most likely won't happen as last time created issues, especially with extensions being involved...
  17. @DemonHunter1257 and @Finniis For the Tag Team Match, you're not allowed to vote for yourself as a Team Captain, please change the second vote to another member of the match. It was said in the preview card, but I get it was at the end so you may have missed it. If you don't, the votes will not count, thanks.
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  18. I almost got away with it too, if it wasn't for the meddling group of kids and their dog!!
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  19. Fixed for ya.
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  20. I changed my vote. Didn't know I had 2 though #voteforthelowest
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