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    WWE confirmed on last night's episode of Main Event that The Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose will indeed air on Friday's episode of SmackDown
  2. I heard about that, too. Wondering if it'll make SmackDown worth watching this week. I haven't watched in forever, but if it means I get to see some Ambrose.... might well be worth it. :otunga: I could DVR it then fast forward through it and just watch that one match. Had read on Facebook earlier how it was going to air instead of being a dark match, so :yay:
  3. Genuinely touching myself right now.
  4. Want any help? :ksi:

    I do that every time Ambrose is mentioned or comes on screen .... or if I take time to look at my sig.
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  5. Too late :upset:
  6. Dammit!! :upset: I didn't get to lend a hand. :sad: Next time let me know in advance!
  7. Will be great to watch indeed.
  8. *Reads OP, gets excited*
    *Reads rest of thread, then goes all like :okay: after seeing I can't follow Ryan and Nazi*

    So instead of a genuine reaction, here's this:
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  9. Dancing rainbow monkey!!! :yay: This monkey >>>>>> the rest of this thread.
  10. Fantastic. One of the first times in years I have been excited for SmackDown.
  11. tumblr is going to explode of Dean Ambrose gifs that night
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