Match ups we haven't seen?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by RoyalRaven, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. From the main roster it's clear we've seen alot of people face each other, some more than others. But after watching an interview with Wade Barrett he pointed out that he and CM Punk hadn't actually really wrestled each other in the ring, which I found odd because surely at somepoint I figured they must have done.

    There was one match, in which John Cena was referee that ended in both of them losing due to as a commenter on the video put it "John Cena Shennaningans".

    This got me to thinking, who else hasn't had a proper match up on the current roster?
  2. Good thread.

    I'd like to see Punk and Christian have a run. I think they'd bring out the best in each other not only in the ring, but on the mic.
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  3. Cena/Hogan should happen. I'm not even joking either
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  4. I wish you were, the last thing I want to see is. "You can't see me" vs "HULKAMANIA"
  5. Barely any - another reason to bring back the brand split.
  6. Ryback VS Hornswaggle; Sandow VS The Head Wyatt(what ever his name is); Orton VS Khali(sp); Del Rio **forced** to team up with Sin Cara VS Los Matadores; The Shield VS The Wyatt Family; TBC...
  7. Didn't Punk vs Christian happen when he was ECW champ in 09? Along with one Smackdown?
  8. Perhaps, but I never watched that show. I'm sure I'm not the only one who didn't.
  9. The had that one promo I remember. A series of matches though? Don't remember that well.
  10. Possibly a one off match then.
  11. Cool, never seen that before. The nerd part made me think of this . . .

    Not exact of course but it also helped that I was already planning on mentioning that they did have a one-off match before and that promo was the lead-in to this . . .

    I think they had another one during the SES days (I want to say it was when he was wearing a mask) but yeah Seabs was right. Either way, I'd absolutely love an actually full on feud between the two, have for years. Was thinking we'd get one when Punk "injured" Christian during the build of XXVIII but when Christian finally returned, they made him face and Intercontinental Champion, essentially killing that hope.

    As for just plain match-ups we've never seen out of the current roster . . . I'm not sure. Has Punk ever fought Cesaro in WWE (might've in the indies, wouldn't know)? Counting Lesnar, I'd love to see him vs. Sheamus.
  12. has cesaro vs henry or show yet if not i'd like them to happen just to see the giant swing
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