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    Well ladies and gentlemen just like some others this is a commentary, review and rating thread.

    1) Any Match You Chose You Must Add The Video As Well
    2) Star Ratings Are Needed
    3) Please Add The Event It Happened
    4) All Fed's are allowed

    Awards (Optional)
    If you want to join "Match Watch Awards," please pay $1 and weekly we will vote on the best match, winner gets $100

    Award Rules
    Voting For Yourself Will Result in a DQ and your match will be removed if it was added.
    The second person who joins and I will chose which matches will be included in voting.

    If you want part please sign up, by adding bold to your text,

    If you want to join awards please send the $1, keep note awards will only take place when 5 guys join.

    EDIT: You Can Also Give Your Commentary, Rating and Review on Full Shows
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    Please Follow The Blue Example To Join Match Watch Awards and you will only join if i get the $1, Thanks.

    PS: Sorry if i seem money hungry i just think if i'm going to give $100 i think a little could do, Thanks
  3. Participants: Lex Luger vs Brian Pillman
    Promotion: NWA WCW
    Event: Halloween Havoc 1989 Edition
    Rating: * * * 1/2​
    The match was fast paced from the beginning with a great crowd, Gordon Solie and Jim Ross give a great commentary, the match really showed that Lex and Brian weren't just good bodies but had a lot of talent. The match was highlighted with a cheesy over the top throw from Brian to Luger and a painful looking drop from Luger to Brian, the match's climax was when Brian missed a flying dropkick landing with a thud to the grimy canvas, after this Luger was still recovering and Pillman went for what looked like a flying cross body which ended with a hot spot (neck thrown on the rope) and the pin, personally that finish was lazy and badly played out, i loved the commentary, especially when Ross said "Luger is just about to enter his 3rd year in this SPORT) because that's what this is a Sport not SPORT ENTERTAINMENT, i watch to see gifted men put their life on the line, i take entertainment as the interpretation. Anyway great match! MUST SEE IN 1080p
  4. This probably should be in the Other Wrestling thread.

    We already have a review thread, but it's too late for you too join.
  5. Really? i never saw it from what i remember, wanna join?
  6. Nah. I'm far too lazy.
  7. That Sucks, really wanted someone else to join, thanks anyway.
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  8. Participants: Dean Malenko vs Rey Mysterio JR
    Promotion: WCW
    Event: The Great American Bash 1996 Edition
    Rating: * * * * 1/4
    The Match starts with a great introduction to the guys with great commentary with Mike Tenay really telling a lot about Dean and Rey, The match starts with a couple of stalemates with the appropriate round of applause, the match continued and Dean shows off a lot of great wrestling moves, one of the highlights was a drop kick of sorts to the arm of Rey Mysterio JR ending in a loud scream on the part of the 21 year old Mysterio. Later on after a great tech style of wrestling some high flying gets introduced, as Rey went for a hurricanrana (typo?) Dean reverses and pushes him off but Rey lands on his feet in a back flip, Dean goes in for a wicked close line. Later on Dean gets a bloody knee where he has firm control over Rey, even to the point where the commentators were contemplating the that the ref might stop the match due to the domination on part of Dean. towards the end of the match Rey goes from a suicide dive and lands on Dean, where Dean ended up cracking his skull against the concrete. there wasn't really a climax but the ending was brief as Malenko ended up getting a dirty pin for the win with a great ovation. Good match, a little more fast paced action would have helped the rating, not a must watch, but defiantly if your looking for a match to watch take a look at this.
  9. Wrong section.
  10. There already is a 2014 wrestling challenge that is a sticky thread in this section. Someone joined last month when we started in january so you can do that if you want.
  11. this is an award game, not just a review but if you don't want to do it than you don't have to.
  12. That's INDY wrestling and there is no award contest, so mine is kinda different.
  13. So is this only WWE and it's affiliated companies?
  14. 4) All Fed's are allowed
  15. We have a thread for this already. I dont know how many times I have said this to you.
  16. Its for all promotions.
  17. So the only difference is that you have a cash incentive?
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  18. Okay
  19. Didn't you even say you were going to do that challenge Rodestar so you knew about it. Why not just add the cash to that challenge?
  20. Well first of course your gonna say "theres already a thread" if all you do (in succession) is follow my posts and say that already happened, let the mods do their job and if they find a problem they'll close or delete it.

    Secondly it's called the INDY wrestling challenge and i added a cash incentive to make this a competition. Not just a thread i said i wanted to do it but it gets boring.
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