Evolve Matches for the Evolve triple shot at the end of the month

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, May 7, 2013.

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  1. These matches were signed by Gabe Sapolsky earlier this week and released on the email list today. All these matches will be at the next Evolve Tripleshot at the end of May/start of June (30th, 1st & 2nd.)

    Evolve champion AR Fox vs Open the united gate champion Nick Jackson on May 30th.
    Open the Freedom Gate champion Johnny Gargano vs Open the united gate champion Matt Jackson on the 30th (non title match).
    Johnny Gargano defends the freedom Gate belt against Samuray Del Sol on the 2nd.
    The Youngbucks defend the united gate belt against Eita and tomahawk TT on the 2nd.

    More matches will be revealed during the upcoming week.

    Shaping up to be a solid set of cards just judging by those matches. Let's see if Gabe can book more okay matches and not run into Ippv troubles this time.
  2. Eita vs Tomahawk TT has been added to one of the events as a Dragon Gate exhibition match. I expect it to be stuff as fuck.

    Also here is the poster for the May 30th event.
  3. Here is the current list of signed talent for the weekend.

    This should be a solid weekend. Lots of good names.
  4. This looks a really good card.
  5. There should be another newsletter soon with more matches. Looks like it can be three solid cards.
  6. A rarity to see the Bucks in singles action,kind of intriguing.
  7. Indeed. Don't think I have seen them in singles action since their TNA run. Their tag match against Eita and Tomahawk should be cool as well. Both those rookies are talented and pack a punch. Eita has won some king of chop tournament or something.
  8. Here's the full match line up for Evolve 20:

    This is a pretty solid line up. Cage vs Taylor will be good. Fox vs Nick Jackson will be a spotfest. Matt Jackson vs Gargano will be good. Eita vs Tomahawk will be beast as well as Del Sol vs Nese. Andrew Everett is also going to be interesting. He's the former Chiva Kid and I have heard good about him.

  9. Very interesting card to say the least. Very shocked to see Matt Jackson not in the title match, perhaps the next one.
  10. Nick earned his match with Fox since he pinned Fox at both Ultimate Gate and Mercury Rising back in April. And with Fox being the Evolve champ I can understand them not wanting both belts defended on the same night.
  11. I meant I'm surprised it's not AR Fox vs. Matt Jackson, mainly because Matt Jackson is the loud talker and has a better wrestling look (At least in my opinion) than his brother.

    But seeing as the fact I forgot Nick got the pins, I can see that.
  12. I'm not that invested in the bucks as individuals so I honestly couldn't care which one it was who got the shot. Both matches will be good. Gargano is insanely solid and Fox vs Nick will be a spotfest for the ages. Taylor vs Cage will also be really good.
  13. I love the Bucks, my favorite tag team currently.

    Gargano is an inspiration of mine, one of the bests.

    I cannot wait to see how Taylor and Cage plays out.
  14. Gargano is my favorite in all wrestling right now. I expect big things from him. He just screams money and IT factor. He'll be in WWe by mid 2014 in the latest methinks.
  15. I hate to think of him leaving. But I could without a doubt see it.
  16. He deserves it. Just like Callihan who is leaving right now does. I don't hold grudges towards those that do go to WWE since I enjoy the WWE product as well.
  17. Most definitely does. I'm already upset to think of Callihan heading up.

    I understand what you mean. I don't hold grudges either, but ever since Colt's run, I lose hope for indy stars.. although they've done well with others.. I still always fear it.
  18. Personally I'm not surprised about Colt failing. I'm no fan of Cabana's and don't understand the hype. He's one hell of a salesman though.
  19. I figured he would have at least been kept as a tag team worker, or possibly just that guy who was always in the mid card but never jobbed..

    I think overall he's a great technician and he's got a way to connect to the fans.
  20. Here's the card for Evolve 21. USA vs the world.

    Another good card. Well done Gabe.
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