Matches that changed the Business?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kassius HoHo, May 25, 2013.

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    Shall we dance, I thought about doing these and I'll see where this goes after this first one, and why not start with Steamboat vs Savage at Wrestlemania 3? Majority of people consider this match the match of the night at the PPV, and one of the best matches if not within the history of Wrestlemania but Wrestling in general.Now I remember Savage and Steamboat facing off before WM 3 when both men were trying to make their marks within the singles division, and you could the chemistry between these two legends in Wrestling.You guys might want why I do I think this match changed this business, well when you get a chance rewatch the match, you might need a Towel after this one.The fans were drawn in the moment these two competitors touched each other, living within the ring...feeling their pain...feeling their doubts, fears! You know when you have the fans when their ''awhhh'' from their mouths comes in near 3 count situations.I think the pacing off the match, with unmatched before this! Savage and Steamboat up and down from the mat, and so on.After this match, Wrestlers knew the bar had been raised in the industry, and we will always remember Savage...Steamboat...Wrestlemania 3!​

  2. Hogan vs Sheik.
  3. The build up for this was main event level too, with the baby face selling a major injury and trying to make a brave comeback and the hated heel Savage (with the long title reign) boasting over what he had done. Bruno Sammartino even got involved in one segment, attacking Savage (he was an interviewer for the WWF, then) because he found Savage's behavior against Steamboat inexcusable. Keep in mind that Savage was a hot superstar almost from the second he came in and people were already awaiting a Hogan/Savage dream match, while Steamboat was one of the purest baby faces of all time.

    As for the match, I enjoy it but I've never felt it lived up to the hype of "omg, greatest match ever." Even when just talking about Wrestlemania matches. It's probably because it earned that kind of praise for a match that took place in 1987 WWF (the kind of work rate in the match was usually reserved for NWA matches at that point) and there's been so many great matches that have been just as good or better in WWE since then. It was still an absolute classic for it's time though, especially for an IC Title match.

    As for other matches that changed the business, one of the biggest examples ever (if not the biggest) took place at that same event, Hogan vs Andre. Andre's heel turn back then was considered shocking on the level of Hogan's WCW turn (he was a career long baby face, too) and the image of the two staring at each other at the beginning of the match and the image of Hogan lifting Andre for the body slam at the end are two of the most replayed images ever. Wrestlemania 3 because of this main event is still seen as the most iconic event WWF has ever produced.
  4. What I wished, is a rematch and it never happened due to Steamboat wanting time off.Vince didn't want that to go down and that's why Honky Tonk Man was given the IC title, but if Savage/Steamboat had rematches after Mania, they could of been twice as good!
  5. Yeah, I believe they were building up to that but Steamboat wanting time off to be with his family killed it. Savage had gained popularity and turned baby face himself by the time "The Dragon" returned and so that feud was long over. They DID kinda tease them fighting again in the WM4 tournament, though. They set up the first rounds of the tournament to make it look like all that had to happen was the two of them winning their first matches in the tourney to fight again but because Steamboat lost, it didn't happen.

  6. Yeah they had Valentine beat the Dragon, stopping that dream.I wonder if they did face each other, it would of been the match of the night and maybe of helped both men go up another level in their careers.
  7. Austin vs. HBK
    Taker vs. Mankind
  8. You guys might be wondering where are the other matches well, I'm going to slowly show more and more in the weeks to come.
  9. Hart vs Austin
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    Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat-WrestleWar 89', now it might not of changed the business but more so of the measuring stick for Wrestling in the Industry.Some say the first match with these two for the World title was the best, but I thought the last one was the best.Up to this point, Flair lost the World Title in Chicago to Steamboat, and also lost in the 2 outta 3 falls match in conversational fashion, which lead to the final act of 89 between these Hall of Famers.I love the opening 2-3 minutes of the bout where Flair is laying those chops into the chest of the Dragon, and Ricky would fire back with two or three of his own, but then Flair was buckle his knees with a knife-edge chop stopping his momentum. I didn't understand the legends doing scoring but I guess it was for just in case the match ended crazy like the second bout, the scoring would fix the problem and make a true winner in the end.I loved the psychology between both men, I think if theirs any Wrestlers coming up watch that match good way to start.What I love about matches is seeing both Wrestlers look great in their, and everytime Flair would get something going, Steamboat would stop him.I get chills everytime I see this match, and it's always a great match to watch, with Flair winning his 6th World Title.Let's not forget though what happened after this match, with Terry Funk attacking Flair! Funk thought Flair was snubbing him outta a title shot, can you blame him he held the title for what 14 months when he defeated Jack Brisco I'll be pissed too.Flair thought he wasn't in the top ten, playing in Hollywood lately, but don't fuck with the Funks, and we saw a very extreme end with Funk piledriving Flair through a solid Table! So not only did we get a great match, but we were given the chance to see a new feud start.​
  11. Melina vs Alicia Fox. :jericho:

    No, but for real, Taker vs Mankind is one of my favorites of all time.
  12. Braden Walker vs... that other guy .. he had a match with.
  13. To me it would be Hardy's vs Edge and Christian in the first Ladder match. Watching those four men put their bodies on the line in greater ways to get themselves Killed set the bar for tag team matchs for a long time.
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  14. The TLC match between the Hardys, Edge and Christian, and the Dudleys.
    Bret Hart vs Undertaker at Summerslam
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