Matches were the wrong man went over....

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  1. I'll start with HHH vs Punk this past summer, Punk was red hot but he seemed to lose a lot of steam after jobbing to Hunter at NOC. So list yours when someone else should have gone over.
  2. Randy Orton vs Kane. No real buildup.
  3. No one has gone over yet, also what does build up have to do with anything?
  4. For went over, I choose the RAW's EC. Jericho should've won.
  5. I say Vengeance. Punk and HHH should've won to keep Punk more revelant for the WWE championship at HIAC.
  6. Punk definitely should have gone over Triple H at NOC or whatever it was called. Speaking of Triple H, I think he should have also jobbed to Goldberg in the EC match at Summerslam 2004 instead of a month later. I know they wanted Goldberg to win the belt in a one-on-one confrontation, but it killed some of Goldberg's steam jobbing to HHH beforehand. Just look at the life that gets sucked out of the crowd at the end of that match when HHH pins Goldberg.
  7. Cena and Nexus. Speaks for itself.
  8. I agree they should have gone over at Summerslam but I think they made the right decision at TLC burying Wade under the chairs was too much but it was the pay off to the whole feud.
  9. Feud (in my opinion) should have ended at Wrestlemania. It could have dominated the whole year easily. You had the Taker burial, the "bigger picture" and the Anonymous RAW GM to go back on if the feud was getting stale. It ended WAY too early. Them going over Cena clean would have made them instantly credible. They actually done a good job doing that in the early weeks/months.
  10. What happens with The Miz then? He would have been put on a back burner which is never good on a world title reign, sure he wasn't booked great as it was but at least the importance was on him in the build to Mania. Not to mention if Nexus were to have the power I assume Wade would be WWE champion?
  11. Wade should have been champion (a long time champion) going into Wrestlemania where eventually he loses and Nexus ends. Then the Cena/Miz feud starts. Though of course he would have missed out on his Wrestlemania moment with Cena so meh. Nexus vs Cena could have just ended at Survivor Series or the PPV after it (can't remember the PPV after Survivor Series).
  12. The Rock ruined and brought more popularity to WM 27. He casted a shadow on the main event of WM making it suck but hey without the Rock WM would have seemed even more worse than it already was with the Rock.
  13. LOL I was at NOC THIS YEAR! When I watch that match! And I was SO PISS AT HHH! For not doing right thing and letting the guy who going to be your WWE Champion in 2 month from that PPV! And him HHH is would going on to ownly wrestler 2 more time that year! PISS ME SO FUCKIN OF! But as for any 1 else who wrongful when over? I would have to still CM Punk vs. Orton at WM as there was no point into having the feud if Punk was not going to win alet 1 of there matchest in the fend! another that come to mind is Hogan vs. HBK at Summer Slam! Hoga should not have won b/c HBK was still on the roster and Hogan was not going to anything for the rest of that year for matchest!
  14. Can you just name the match? I'd be much more easier to understand if you just had named the match.
  15. I agree with everything he said. Punk vs Orton was so pointless.
  16. Didn't knew they had that match.
  17. Yeah can hardly believe they built that match back at the Royal Rumble, even longer than this Kane/Orton build.
  18. Randy Orton is Mr. "I'm Winning Whether it's the Right Move Or Not."

    -Wrestlemania 26 and 27
    -TLC 2011 and Survivor Series 2010
    -That entire insufferable feud with Christian
    -Royal Rumble 2008 and all the times he went over Cena to prolong that feud

  19. Not true. He's the only major star that lets people go over him. Mark Henry had 2 clean victories over Orton, completely solidified Henry's reign.
  20. Hogan vs HBK. Terry's just doing it for money and prime. So HBK was the victim in that one.
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