WrestleMania Matches YOU WANT at Wrestlemania to happen

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  1. So this is a thread to list the matches that u want to happen at wrestlemania. Not confirmed matches like HHH vs Taker or Rock vs Cena or Punk vs Jericho. Im talking about matches that arent confirmed but u want it to happen, and has a possibility of happening so no Stone cold vs hulk hogan type of answers either.

    Mine are :-

    Cody Rhodes vs Goldust (would love to see the underrated godlust come back win and start a feud)

    Mick Foley vs Johny Ace (Wouldnt be the best match but certainly will be impressive)

    Kane vs Ryder vs Swagger (Would love to see Kane win the US title and start a terror reign)

    Christian come back as a face and win the WWE Title or the MITB or team up with someone to win the Tag Team Title.
  2. I actually agree with most of those lmao.

    Foley vs Ziggler would be the one I'd choose instead of Ace. Ziggler can go over him in a hardcore match to boost his career.

    Kane vs Ryder vs Swagger is pretty cool, Ryder would go over and be the hero.

    Christian to be entered into the Bryan vs Sheamus match :emoji_slight_smile:!!!!

    And Rhodes vs Goldust yeah.
  3. Christian to win the 1st ever WM MITB WWE/World Champion only match!

    And Goldust vs. Cody for the IC and have Goldust win it!

    the WWE and World match that I wanted are having so I am fine with that

    And Undertaker vs. someone he has NOT vs. yet at WM!
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