Ring of Honor Matt Hardy Anti-Bullying Video

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by DK James, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Hahahah I love this.​

  2. Clever Matt Hardy is clever.
  3. They say the truth "Matt Hardy will not diet"
  4. Matt knows how to work the internet.
  5. You really think he thought this up?
  6. Hahahaha, this was fucking great.
  7. It was funny but he wasted 100 dollars! He's crazy (and rich)!
  8. How did he waste it? He can still use all those bills as currency.
  9. Matt Hardy will not die after I watched this terrific video. Now testify to that.
  10. He painted 100 dollars... He can't use them
  11. This basically took a shit on everyone of those people who have made videos like this. It was very entertaining,big props to whomever thought this up.
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  12. Sure he can.
  13. How? Unless they're fake I can't see how can he use those 100 dollars
  14. You put it in the ATM.
  15. I write on my notes all the time. You can still use them.
  16. Bro I work in retail and every place I've worked would take that bill no problem. Unless it is ripped in half the bill is still an acceptable form of currency.
  17. Really? You.can tape the money together and it can still be dropped.

  18. Right. I more was getting at even if it is ripped you can use it, just not ripped in half. If it gets ripped in half but they tape it it is still fine.
  19. iMO one of the best promos ever!

    This would have been better if punk used it in his Jericho feud

    Gold baby.. Gold
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