Matt Hardy arrested & bloody after brawl with Reby Sky

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Jan 29, 2014.

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  2. GOAT mugshot from Hardy.

    Wonder what set it off. Since they seem to be all lovey dovey now on twitter.
  3. Damn, his wife is strong
  4. Exactly what my thoughts were.
  5. Probably saying Jeff was better
  6. Like how much Mat was hurt compared to his wife
  7. Everytime she got hit she was like "no sell!" And hit him twice as hard
  8. Botchamania
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  9. When isn't Matt Hardy doing something stupid? lol.
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  10. Just found my new avatar
  11. I'm not a moderator but isn't this the wrong place to pst this?
  12. lol mod for what purpose?
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  13. closing threads and deleting posts
  14. That's one :eww: mugshot
  15. ikr
  16. I know what a mod is, you quoted my post and said it should not be here. My quote about a new avatar was about using Hardy mugshot.
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  17. i didnt know u meant the mugshot
  18. I want to pretend like this is surprising. I can't do it- these fools deserve each other.
  19. I always thought Jeff was the crazy one
  20. They're both pretty freaking nuts to be honest.
    Drugs, Alcohol, Abusing women lol it's all the same to the Hardy Boyz!
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