Matt Hardy Interview: Working For Vince, Jeff, Tag Team Wrestling & More

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. -LordsOfPain
  2. Great read. Good to see that the Hardy's seem to be back on track.
  3. Great to see Jeff is getting his shit together, great point on tag teams aswell, it's a shame Punk couldn't be that second franchise guy tbh.
  4. Yeah indeed, glad he's doing well.
  5. Is he going to return?
  6. Don't know.. Rather have Jeff back.
  7. rather have both of them back
  8. Interesting read. Vince does seem like an intimidating guy and nice point on the tag teams.
  9. Makes sense with the women and tag team thing.
  10. Would love for them to come back together as a team
  11. like the point of vince wouldnt ask his talent to do anything he wouldnt do himself. edge has made the same point in an interview as well... imo matt did a whole lot better as a singles competitor than tag... was never a fan of jeff but i did love their match at wm25
  12. Now that he mentioned it, it's true. The guy has taken some nice bumps in the past.
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