Matt Hardy Talks Jeff Hardy And TNA

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  2. That's all well and good, but how about using some of that creativity and drive to come up with original matches. As of right now he is RVD 2.0, I used to be a Jeff mark, but he's lost all of his innovative skills it seems.
  3. ^No way, Hardy is nothing like RVD. He's still awesome in the ring, far from stale.
  4. I think he is, and I don't think I'm the only one.
  5. I'm siding with Senhor here. Hardy for me is incredibly stale in the ring. All his matches follows the same script unless they are a stipulation match. Hardy's ring style relies too much on high spots and without them it just shows how stale his ring work is.
  6. I however, agree with Solidus on here. Hardy >>> BVD.

    Why? He is working hard (yes he is), has better singles matches than ever before in TNA, has a decent character, writes his own theme songs, worked the MOST matches in TNA 2012 (around 110, more than Roode and Daniels, yes), and he really had a great babyface run in 2012, and gets the Face of the 2012 award for me, plus he makes me laugh with his inner monologue, whilst Bob makes me want to cry from seeing his sushi ass.

    And from all what I wrote, what does RVD have for example? No character, gimmick, works far less matches, his matches are ACTUALLY the same, didn't have one match on the level Hardy ever did in TNA (4 starz with Aries and Angle), same moves, same arm movements, doesn't care about the company, and doesn't make me laugh at freaking all.

    Hardy is a good champion, even though he's not on the level of previous two champs in Aries and Roode (not even near). But yeah, I still want see many others take his place as the top dog ASAP.
  7. Not a fan of Hardy. His ring work is meh, and so is his character (for me). Being worse than RVD is really hard though. But I really wish someone else was on his spot.
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