Matt Hardy vs. Robbie E: The Leaders in Group Tag Team Specialists

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Robbie E shocked a lot of people when he defeated Eddie Edwards to earn 3 points in his first match, that match has Robbie atop the Leaderboard with Matt Hardy. Hardy, is a clear favorite to win back the title he relinquished after Bound For Glory. Imagine if Robbie E can defeat Matt Hardy, earn 3 more points, get to 6 and have just 1 match to go in Group Play. This is a very intriguing concept for many reasons, but when the dust settles and it is all said and done either Matt Hardy or Robbie E will be with 6 points and in a great position.

    Hey, what if they go to a time limit draw and each earn 1 point? It could happen, it happened in EC3 vs. Austin Aries and both are now chasing points to catch Lashley in Group Champions.

    One thing is for sure, Matt Hardy and Robbie E will be looking for the 3 and not 1 and certainly not 0. Don’t miss this one on one encounter.


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