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  1. Does anybody likes Jeff's brother Matt? I simply love his way to fight, I prefer Jeff's way to fight, but I wanna know your opinion about Matt, his way to fight, and what do you think about the Hardy Boyz (when they were still together)
  2. IMO the Hardys were best as a tag team. Jeff is OK on his own but I prefer them both as tag team wrestlers.
  3. Better wrestler than Jeff from a technical standpoint. Jeff is just a spotmonkey.
  4. You know you've been saying this same line for like the 30th time now?
  5. I dislike both Hardy's, they both pissed me off enough that I really don't want either to succeed in wrestling, however ignoring that for a second and just focusing on wrestling, I did like Matt. Especially when compared to Jeff but yeah he was a decent wrestler. I was pushing for him to succeed at certain points way back when I started to watch. Mic skills weren't that good from memory but again, better than Jeff's. So I wouldn't call myself a fan going just on ability either, he was okay.

    As for the Hardy Boyz, I don't have them as one of my favorites or anything but I can't hate on them solely because of how much I enjoyed their series of ladder/tlc matches against The Dudleyz and Edge & Christian.
  6. AW: Matt Hardy

    Spotmonkey or whatever, Jeff is far more entertaining, I think.
  7. And?
  8. I prefer watching Jeff in the ring than Matt.
  9. He drives semis?
  10. And nothing..

    It's just weird how you bash Jeff, but before that started you were comparing your golden boy Rollins with him about becoming a spot monkey..

    ''Just'' a spot monkey as well, then?
  11. No. When I have called Rollins a spot monkey it has never been based on his ring skills, rather the position I see him hold in the company. Like Kofi, Shelton and John Morrison, two talented wrestlers who due to their athleticism did a lot of spots since they could handle it. I call Jeff a spot monkey due to the fact that I never thought him a good wrestler. He was an athlete and a daredevil so the spot monkey role suited him. Seth, Kofi, Shelton and Jomo I believe could do just fine without the spots.

    So it was not a comparison of skills between Seth and Jeff from my part. But rather niche for them to fill on the roster.
  12. Yeah, me too, I said it, but look I think that it was also more entertaining watching the Hardy Boyz, I prefer singles match, but they together were so great... I don't know, Jeff has also grown as a single wrestler and that's really fine, now I think he can fight against the biggest of every company. But coming back to the Hardy Boyz, Crayo, what's your opinion about that Tag Team?
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