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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Thunderlips, Aug 26, 2016.

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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm back again with another of my musings

    On a lot of the podcasts and jdfromnys YouTube channel I have heard lots of talk about this new Delete catchphrase and how it's even been should during Raw in particular

    I'm wondering if this guy could be on his way to WWE, if his character is so good and if his in ring work is good then why isn't he in WWE, I have never heard of this guy but as most of you know i got into WWE very late and I don't have a chance to learn everything about every character that ever wrestled

    Mainly its just opinions I'm looking for, in the clips I have watched he seems to do very dangerous spots which I get a little nervous about, is that why Vince didn't want him in the PG Era?

    Thanks in advance guys you really do help me out when you accept my silly questions and help me out with good info, it must get a little eye rolling when you get what some people call a casual, I don't consider myself a casual as I try to stay up to date with all the news and I stay up til 4.15 am most weeks so I don't miss anything (I hope I'm not a casual lol)

    Cheers for reading and any responses are appreciated
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  2. Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff are tag team legends in WWE from the early 2000's.
    Jeff has had very public drug issues and maybe that's why he's not coming back, but I'm not sure about Matt, or if he even burned bridges with WWE.
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    Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy were a really popular tag team in the late 90s and early 2000s. Matt Hardy was fired initially in 2005 after publicly voicing his opinion on WWE and people in it. He was brought back thanks to fan support, and from then until 2010, he was with WWE. He gradually gained weight, lost an entertaining character and was, generally, a waste of space. He was let go in late 2010.

    From 2011, until 2013 he started a career revival. He cut a lot of weight, and began taking bookings all over the US independents. He became a big star in ROH, but had a small 3 month stint in TNA. He began to develop a ton of entertaining characters and personas and really caught lightening in the bottle and developed his own flavor. He came back to TNA in 2014, and began his ascension to the main event until turning heel in 2014. As most wrestlers, he did his best work as a heel. He used his creativity (along with Jeff's) and his great ability to morph into any character and began a meme-filled yet entertaining program with his brother, Jeff.

    The reason he isn't in WWE is because he's signed with TNA, and also he hit his prime after hitting WWE. He was more interested, more motivated and was able to adapt and craft a new legacy, for himself. While in WWE he was just a guy. He's been under-contract for many years to many promotions. He's likely reluctant to join WWE again, after their misuse of him, in 2 runs.
  4. Matt and Jeff Hardy brother Nero obviously love the creative freedom they're given in TNA and I doubt they'd give that up for another WWE run. But who knows, Je--brother Nero has said he plans to return for one last run.
  5. He isnt with WWE because he knows they would misuse the shit out of him.
  6. Meekmahan would never understand the creativity of Broken Matt if he were to return.
  7. Not to mention that Hardy is 41. So age is a factor against him. WWE is going through a bit of a youth movement, even with WWE signing guys like Roode, Styles and Samoa Joe I think Matt, at age 41 is a bit too old to become anything in WWE again.
  8. Wow thanks guys
    Really informative responses
    Very much appreciated
  9. Shelton and Rhyno are in or around that age. If they can still go, and help the talent, at hand, they'll get signed.
  10. Shelton got dropped because he's injured. Rhyno is in for a short term run and is also much healthier than Matt Hardy
  11. #Broken Matt Hardy is greatness! :matt:
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