Ring of Honor Matt Hardy's latest ROH Promo

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by DK James, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Posted because I loved the last one and this one is even better. Pretty intense.
  2. That was an cool promo
  3. :notsure: if mainstream rapper or wrestler
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    I actually like this promo, I think it's pretty damn good :true:
  4. And people say Matt Hardy has no mic skills.
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  5. Good promo from Matt.

    Still, it just isn't the same as the good old days when he jobbed out to JBL...
  6. This is just a better job of one of my IWT promos. It was decent.
  7. Last 30 secs were great, lmfao. 2 for 2, Matt. Nice job.
  8. Reby's ass :ksi:
  9. Another really good promo from Hardy. He is playing the arrogant douchebag heel role very well if only he put this much effort into his matches.
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  10. Matt Hardy is a GOD on the mic. and filled with Charisma. Just sad that he doesn't wrestle as good as he talks.
  11. That was pretty awesome, haha!
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