Matt Morgan Is Bound For Glory (Pun Intended)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. You know, almost everyone has been talking these past couple of weeks how AJ Styles will go on to win the BFG Series and face Bully Ray for the title and thus, end the Aces & 8s terror and dethrone the big bad Bully Ray. He'll do that while being a lone wolf and not caring for everyone but himself.

    However, I don't see it happening. The only reason for it is - Hulk Hogan.

    Do you know why Bobby Roode did not beat Kurt Angle at BFG 2011? Because (according to Hogan) it'd be just another big TNA Original win, and that that would not bring anything new to TNA, and no improvement to company.

    So, despite AJ Styles being a lone wolf or badass, I think he'll have other stuff to deal with through summer and the month of October except Bully Ray and his group. Because his win over evil heel (in Hogan and some others minds), would be just another Original win, and Hogan doesn't like it.

    However, Matt Morgan... He's been embraced by Hulkster MULTIPLE times, both interviews and twitter, and right now, he's in the process of "eliminating Hogan's mistakes, one by one". Now who do you think that last Hulk's mistake might be? Hmm... That's right. Big bad intimidator, mofo Bully Ray. And most importantly, Morgan is NOT the Original.

  2. So Test, are you insinuating that the Main Event of the biggest TNA PPV, Bound For Glory, will be Bully Ray defending against "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan?
  3. That is correct, yes. I think it's fair to say that I called it 1st around here.
  4. You're such a good human being, and great mentor. Life is all about opportunities, and I appreciate you gave me one.
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  5. I made a thread on how this would work as a storyline last week.

    I could see it work but only if they keep Morgan as a heel and have him hold the title hostage afterwards. But I don't think TNA will do that. They will want to have the title around AJ after such a long heel run from Bully.
  6. Interesting how I changed my opinion in 10 days about this subject so much, lol.
  7. Testify has gone crazy. :Robbie:
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  8. Stop driving that low-rent moped all around Canada, jump to us in Deadman's Hand, let us get you real bike.
  9. Already got a bike. :tough:


  10. Now get us beer, climb the ladder and jump off the cliff.
  11. So for this to happen Morgan would have to transform from a heel to a badass anti-hero? Not saying it is a stretch, it sounds awesome tbh.
  12. Hopefully Chavo is the next "mistake" of Hogan's that he "fixes"
  13. I don't see that cumming, fuck.:upset:

    It'll probably be Sting and then Aces & 8s members one by one until he gets to big bad Bully Ray.
  14. @Testify , The kind of person who is quick to remind everyone he can and does enjoy sucking his own dick.
  15. Important part of your post is that I CAN, that's how dinosaur-like that thing is.:bury:
  16. Hes "full of himself" but hes got skills that prove hes got the it talent you need but this whole "watch this Hogan" crap is annoying but at least hes lethal as far as attitude of his gimmick
  17. Morgan takes a shot at Hulkster dude:

  18. And you can see TNA has faith in Matt, as he does his 2nd press conference for TNA, promoting it, in just a month:

  19. Morgan hates Hogan, he'll be the next A&E's member I think.
  20. I don't think so. He and Bully go way back, and hate each other's guts (in kayfab, of course). Bully took him out last year and Morgan got out in a strecher.

    Morgan has yet to get revenge for it.
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