Matt Morgan Signed with TNA? Why did Jeff Hardy win BFG Series?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CM Punk, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. For Morgan, I guess I'm happy for him. He'll be obviously treated right.

    As for Jeff Hardy, I would really like to see him in the 'E again, but wouldn't mind if he resigned with TNA.

  2. so they make someone win this huge series and they dont even know that he will re-sign :hmm:

    im sure he will re-sign though :emoji_grin: hope he finally wins the title
  3. I hope Aries retains.
  4. :no: jeff is the best ever! he should have a title run!
  5. It's just speculation. Hardy has been built up for a title run since his return from the suspension.

    And finally wins the title? He was the champ just before he shit the bed against Sting in 2011 when he showed up to the match fucked up.. this is the absolute earliest he could have expected to get the title. I don't think he will/should get the belt from Aries though. It is not yet time IMO, but momentum wise it would make sense for him to take the belt after winning the BFG Series.. should have been Joe though, with Aries going over Joe at BFG and Hardy getting the belt in Feb. or March of 2013.
  6. just started watching this year so I didn't know he had won the title already. I would have preferred bully to win the BFG series
  7. __________

    wikipedia is your friend.
  8. LOL dirtsheets.

    Hardy won because this is obviously the bigger match, and Joe has a few dream matches he could have on the card. Hardy's are limited. A huge PPV after a huge series seems like the perfect way to get Hardy over, but he's already over lmao. Really not sure what they should do here. Hardy has a ton more momentum, but Aries is just too damn good.
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