Matt Morgan - To deal with the devil

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 14, 2013.

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    This is a concept that came to me today during my lunch break and I figured I'd present it to you as a discussion topic. We all know what went down last Sunday, and how TNA currently needs to be "saved". Most are predicting that AJ Styles will be the guy to save TNA from the Aces. But with this idea of mine we would still see AJ save TNA, just not from Bully and his biker cohorts.

    It's no secret Hogan is high on Matt Morgan. One just has to browse between the pics of Brooke's cleavage and what else he has on his twitter to find him praising and talking highly about Matt. And since Matt returned as a heel at BFG last year he has been at odds with Hulk on screen. So here is what I see happening.

    Bully is set up vs Angle at Slammiversary (Angle is the most credible main event face to go after him at Slammi so I am working off of that). Leading up to Slammiversary Hulk is trying to work over Morgan, to get him to help in the war against Aces and Eights whilst Dixie is trying to convince AJ to help. Angle loses to Bully and the Aces continue dominating. Eventually Morgan agress to help Hogan, but he makes it clear that he isn't doing it for anyone but himself. Morgan faces Bully at BFG for the title due to AJ simply refusing (furthering AJ's character change and buildingthe suspense around what will happen to the phenomenal one) During this entire build we build Morgan as much more credible as a main event monster, let him also put on some more muscle and learn some more powerful power moves. Morgan goes over bully at BFG and as Hogan gets in the ring to congratulate him, he eats a carbon footpring. Gone is the dark days of the Aces and Eights, here are the dark days of the beast Matt Morgan. Morgan goes on a dominant reign as champion, taking out Storm, Angle and any other challenger that goes at him and then, finally then! Does AJ Styles, the dark and brooding tweener who has waged war with both sides just wanting to be left alone. Decide to throw his hat in the game.

    Does anyone else see this concept working? Would Morgan even work as a dominant monster heel at the top?
  2. Morgan would work but I can't help but feel AJ is the correct pick for this story.
  3. That is interesting idea, tbh, and I might like it if it does happen, but the odds of it are not likely IMO.

    There are chances, but not much. And Kurt won't be facing Ray at Slammy, I think.
  4. Who do you see going at Bully at Slammy?
  5. Yeah, AJ'd be a great pick for his story. But I really prefer AJ than Morgan
  6. Joseph Park is my best shot. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I'm thinking Morgan faces Bully, then AJ at BFG.
  7. Unless Kurt isn't finished with Wes and D'Lo by slammy he will be my best shot. He's the most high profile face involved with the Aces currently. I don't think they'll wait until Slammy to do Hardy's rematch. And Joseph I feel would need more "in ring cred" to face Bully. The story is there but could use some work. He can definitely play a vital part in taking them down. Let Sting take him away and train him, Rocky Style.

    Storm should not face Bully because I don't think Storm can take another set back like that. Whenever Storm is seemingly set up to shine as a singles star he seems to fall back.
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