Matt Striker Gone From WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Jun 20, 2013.

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    @Matt_Striker_: Was just informed by WWE that my contract will not be renewed. I am now available 4 appearances, signings seminars & wrestling. Deep breath
  2. I hope he goes to TNA, he was markish but at least he'd offer some energy on commentary.
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  3. He'll be fine. Either TNA will pick him up or ROH will. He's a smart guy so he has likely invested or saved money as well. And with a 5+ year WWE tenure he can get good bookings.
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  4. Never liked striker. But obviously don't like seeing anyone lose their job. He'll end up in ROH or TNA, like most of you have predicted above.
  5. Never liked him in ring and absolutely hated him on commentary, Good luck to him.
  6. Striker was actually one of my favorites :sad: I hope somebody picks him up quickly.
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  7. Really wasn't much of an asset IMO.
  8. At least he can brag that he got a Better salary in the WWE than Darren Young.
  9. Will miss him getting shit on by random wrestlers backstage. :sad:

  10. Don't worry they still have Josh Mathews. :dawg:
  11. Josh Matthews should be wrestling, He was on Tough Enough and he was great
  12. He's too busy getting shit on by JBL. :pity:
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  13. Please fix the font :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. He was too smarky for them at the end of the day. They prefer there commentators to talk gibberish,plug twitter and never call the action.
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  15. :why:He always was my favorite announcer, not sure why, just always liked him. Hope he goes somewhere.
  16. :why:He always was my favorite announcer, not sure why, just always liked him. Hope he goes somewhere.
  17. We all know TNA's commentators are not that good. Kenneley had some potential actually but they fired him. Matt is a great commentator if you ask me. I really like this guy, he is entertaining. Hope TNA will sing him so both will profit from this.

    Gonna miss the teacher :lol1:

    He and Josh had something, at least IMO anyway.
  19. Loved his work. Too bad he wasn't on play by play these days, oh well. Would mark for TNA dumping Taz's fat ass or maybe Tenay for him.
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