Matt Striker Talks SmackDown Commentary

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I hope it's JBL for commentary. :sad:
  2. JBL has six more mountains to climb though.
  3. He stopped I think.
  4. I doubt he'll get the spot. The WWE just buried the shit out of him for his enthusiasm.
  5. He did tease a return.
  6. Any of those three he mentioned would be good :emoji_grin:
  7. Imagine all 3 of them making up the commentary team :fap:
  8. Ultimate fappage :fap: I would be fapping to the commentary then paying attention to what's happening in the ring.
  9. :hardcore:
  10. I'd love to see him do commentary.
  11. He didn't stop. He revealed that the next mountain he will climb is Kilimanjaro, the easiest of the seven.
  12. I don't mind Striker. He's a typical mark commentator but he actually calls matches and his bullshit makes me laugh. Though I'd much prefer one of the three names he mentioned.
  13. I don't think JR is going to randomly do color for SD. I don't think JBL is coming back that soon, so the only other option would be Regal, I believe.
  14. Then again would you have believed JR would do colour on NXT?
  15. JR should never do SD, it can't happen.
  16. No, but I was less surprised than I would be if he showed up to do it on SD. The NXT thing is about developing new talent and we know JR has been involved with development, NXT is a bit different from the other shows. They have other people who could do the job on SD, plus maybe JR doesn't want to travel all the time anymore, NXT is once in a month or something.
  17. I think JR recently said he'd be happy to be called up or something. I don't know, I don't think he'll be there either it's just fun to talk about it haha.

    I'd mark for Regal though.
  18. JBL for me, I don't like Striker.
  19. I'd really enjoy either Regal or Striker there. And yeah, it's an interesting point about JR, when I see him announce he seems like he'd love being there every week but they don't put him there so I don't know.
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