Matt Striker

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  1. Any of you remember him :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    I swear he was moved from commentary to backstage/NXT after he said "I'm marking out bro" at the Rumble for Booker's return. Why?! I loved this guy.
  2. I think he was too markish for Vince. He wants people to just call the action sadly.
  3. So, why is Michael Cole still around?

    I think that due to them having Booker under contract and not thinking that he was worth giving a full-time spot on the roster, they bumped him off commentary to do something with Book. He's a natural for the GM Role, and does it very well on NXT, maybe he can replace Teddy someday if he has another Viagra-induced heart attack.
  4. I'd prefer Striker as the SmackDown GM too to be honest, since he can be a tweener pretty well. Teddy is just ugh.
  5. Striker is sort of the GM of NXT, I would know, I am kind of half their viewership lol.
  6. Matt Striker used to have an in-ring school teacher gimmick when he was a jobber. God I hated him.
  7. "I am Matt Striker and I am your Teaccher" Worst Gimmeck ever. Enjoyed it when boogyman attacked him though
  8. Teddy Long awakens from a deep slumber, not because of a heart attack, but because of tag matches

    Randomly screaming, 'tag, play-ah' after drifting away in thought will rack up those psych bills

    More Teddy wrapped in a white jacket, doing '12 monkeys', whispering about the tag match that should have been
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  9. what?

  10. go to you tube and type:

    Brad Pitt 12 monkeys psych ward

    you should get the reference
  11. Seen it yeah get it now.

    What is up with NXT making Striker "GM"
  12. Nobody watches NXT anymore man. I don't even think @[seabs] watches NXT anymore?

    I'm really starting to get into RoH though.
  13. I know that, I think I am half their viewship, me and Striker lol

    RoH has never really interested me much, I am just waiting to see when NXT follows ECW into the WWE Trash
  14. NXT and Superstars should both go in my opinion.
  15. Yes I am Matt Striker "AN I AM YOUR TEACHER"! But that all I remember!
  16. I watch it :3
    It's actually on Australian TV, that and Superstars.
  17. Superstars is looking more and more like their best show.
  18. True, not a reason to keep it. Just a reason to use their stars more on their actual brand instead of hijacking SD stars. Or perhaps a reason to bring back the cruiser-weight division, see how well it works on TNA.
  19. That's the truth... They were just virtually forced to push one of the talented Superstars guys but decided to do something stupid for cheap pop instead. Smfh. You can't really use mic skills as an excuse anymore since Big Show's been in 8 of the last 9 WHC matches.
  20. Vince overrates mic skills, and that's coming from someone who loves mic skills on superstars (me). Daniel Bryan is no Miz on the mic but you don't need to be his standard to get heat. DB is getting the most heat in WWE atm. Jack Swagger was getting Vickie level heat during his reign, and Mae Young can work a mic better than him. Another example; Johnny Ace.
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