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    UPDATE on this weekend's events in Milwaukee and Chicago Ridge: MATT SYDAL has just informed Ring of Honor that he will not be medically cleared to compete on March 13th and 14th. Sydal has been diagnosed with a minor neck injury and already on the path to recovery, but his doctor has ordered he refrain from physical competition this weekend.

    However, Matt Sydal WILL still appear in Milwaukee and Chicago as part of the CONQUEST TOUR! He will be in the house both nights to sign autographs and meet fans. There's no doubt Sydal will be watching all the action carefully and be back in the ring ASAP!

    Ring of Honor Wrestling
    Friday, March 13th, 2015
    The Turner Hall Ballroom
    1034 North 4th Street
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Doors Open 6:30pm / 7:30pm Bell Time

    Ring of Honor Wrestling
    Saturday, March 14, 2015
    7:30 pm Bell time
    The Frontier Fieldhouse
    9807 Sayre Ave
    Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
    Doors Open 6:00pm / 7:30pm Bell Time

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