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    Matt, welcome back to Ring of Honor!

    Before we jump to current day, can you give us any memories that stand out during your first run with Ring of Honor?

    I could reminisce for hours on end. What I remember most are the emotions tied to the moments in my first run with Ring of Honor. I can still feel the anticipation and terror of try-out matches...The adulation that came with growing into a fan favorite, and the true pleasure of working with world class athletes and personalities. I have so many amazing memories!

    When you left ROH to pursue an opportunity with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), was there a part of you that missed Ring of Honor?

    Ring of Honor has been a part of me for more than 10 years now, of course I missed it.

    When you were approached about returning, where you nervous? Excited? What were you feeling?

    I was very excited. I felt a strong pull to come back to Ring of Honor. When the opportunity was presented I went with my gut instinct and embraced the challenge. I'm proud to be a part of the ROH team

    What was your reaction to learning that your return to ROH would be a match against someone you are no stranger too, current IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles?

    I realized that as long as I leave my heart and soul in the ring, the ROH fans will know that I'm back and I'm worth believing in. AJ is a great competitor and the challenge of proving myself against potentially the best in the world was one I could not pass up!

    Any jitters before heading through the curtain?

    The feeling is ineffable.

    What were your thoughts on the match with Styles?

    I liked it all until AJ moved as I was upside-down doing a Shooting Sydal Press. That was my least favorite part.

    What ROH stars do you most look forward to facing off against?

    Once I squash my heat with Cheeseburger, I would like to wrestle familiar faces and new ones. I'm not into picking out opponents. I prefer to react. That way I have no attachment to who I have to beat along the way to becoming a champion.

    What are your long term and short term goals in ROH?

    I will become Ring of Honor World Champion. There is no stopping this. It’s not a statement; it’s not a dream, its fact! There is no quit in this body. When the opportunity presents itself, I will be ready!

    Before we go, do you have any parting words for the fans of Ring of Honor?

    We're all in this together! Hit me up twitter on @findevan / @mattsydal on instagram. Let's engage in a nice dialogue! Thanks for +10 years of support! It's you all that make ROH so special and it is truly appreciated. See you soon!!

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