Matt Taven is going to rebuild HIS Kingdom...


Matt Taven will be the first to tell you that 2015 did not end well for him. At FINAL BATTLE live on pay-per-view from Philadelphia, War Machine defeated The Kingdom to become the NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions. But not only did Taven lose his title that night, during the match he suffered a debilitating knee injury. It's a testament to Taven's ambition and toughness that, at first, he believed the injury to be minor. But after a medical consultation and full testing, it was revealed that his knee would require immediate surgery and extensive rehabilitation.

Some people would look at a career-threatening injury like this and consider stepping away from professional wrestling all together. The dangers of this sport cannot be underestimated and lives can be changed in an instant. For some, the psychological impact of watching your fellow athletes compete while you are forced to sit out is too much to deal with. But anyone in ROH can attest that Matt Taven has been showing up to every single Ring of Honor event since his injury, even if it meant he had to walk on crutches to be there. He's made it a point to observe every match, sometimes even going so far as to join the ROH commentary team and offer his insight. This was especially true during the matches of the 2016 ROH TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT eventually won by Lio Rush.

Matt Taven is clearly a man on a mission.

And his end goal has recently become a lot more clear: to form a NEW Kingdom! Matt Taven unceremoniously ousted none other than former ROH World Champion Adam Cole from The Kingdom, a recent development that shocked the world as Cole was often viewed as the de facto leader of the group. Even if he can't actively compete at this moment, Taven is taking control of his own destiny. Throughout his ROH career, Matt Taven has always taken a step back and let others guide his path, be it Truth Martini or within The Kingdom. But now it's abundantly clear that Taven is ready to be a leader in Ring of Honor!

But a leader needs someone to lead, obviously. If Matt Taven is the new head of The Kingdom...who else will join him? So far, he's kept any potential Kingdom members quiet about their involvement and Taven himself isn't talking either. Could that be why Tavern took such a strong interest in the TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT, seeing a clear opportunity to scout fresh talent? Or has he been talking to some current members in the ROH locker room, potentially even some former enemies? Might we see some completely unexpected faces join whatever this "new" Kingdom will become?

The only thing we know for sure is that while 2015 ended on a low note for Matt Taven, he's doing whatever he can to ensure 2016 is his biggest year yet. He vows that he will be back for in-ring competition as soon as possible. But until that's possible, speculation about The Kingdom will keep a very big part of Ring of Honor!

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