#MattForChamp: Will Matt win the Title With Jeff in his corner?

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 1, 2015.

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    Matt Hardy has built one of the most impressive wrestling resumes in history. No matter the banner in which he was competing Matt always came to play and has won titles all over the world. The one title that has eluded Matt in his career is The TNA World Championship. Many thought Matt had his best chance a few weeks ago against EC3 in Full Metal Mayhem, a match Matt helped create. However, EC3 was able to secure the victory.

    It looked bleak for Matt Hardy, until his brother Jeff stood up and said Matt deserved another opportunity at the title. Jeff believes in his brother so much that when pressed by EC3, Jeff didn’t step down and now if Matt loses to EC3 on Wednesday; Jeff becomes EC3’s Personal Assistant.

    None of that will matter, however, if Matt Hardy can defeat the undefeated champion and end the reign of EC3 once and for all. It is a compelling story to think that Jeff Hardy is betting on his brother, that Matt may finally win the big one and the unconquerable becomes the fallen. What will happen? Don’t miss Impact this week to find out.

    Matt Hardy had this to say in regards to facing EC3 on Wednesday night:



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