Matthew Syed SLAMS Abramovich On Sky Sports

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Was awesome to listen to. Jim White being the typical puppet trying to negate him away from that topic, but Matthew is essentially right and I don't think many people know that these rich ass owners aren't here to make profit. I would HATE my club to be ran by owners like that.
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  2. Will watch in a second... But take back what you said about Jim White, the man is a legend and his good name will not be tarnished online by a none believer.

    - That was brilliant, and that first line was such a huge :pipebomb: he's exactly right though, and it's clear that Tony Cascarino had no idea what he was talking about.
  3. Jim White is a transfer deadline day God, but he's a pretentious moron to watch most of the time. At times he's hilarious, but most of the time he's just condescending and seems to be one of those idiots who would slam you off-air or something.
  4. And Tony is probably the biggest idiot I've ever seen to get any sort of employment based on football knowledge. The guy is flat out retarded.

  5. :nope: there is only one god on Transfer Deadline DAY and that is

  6. Exactly what I want in a man, he has the balls to tell someone to :gtfo:

    He also took a skull crushing finale from The Miz and was just like "lol what?"

    The man's a hero and I would happily carry his children.

    Seriously though, he knows nothing about football but he screams at the camera which makes me laugh, he's an old man, and he's Scottish. Perfection.
  7. I know, he was so out of place in that discussion, chiming in now and then with "Yeah but it isn't bad because other people do it too!" get off my screen Tony.
  8. Bit harsh to compare White to the face of the Transfer Market.
  9. :stfu: and :gtfo: mark.

    He needs to be fired. The guy said something like Mourinho had a bigger bond with Chelsea than Ferguson did with United, was like... wtf?

  10. I like to think he has a little office in the back of there.
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