Matthews plays up "unsafe working environment" storyline

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. I wonder where this is going :hmm:
  2. Again? Didn't we have this with Hunter when he was COO?
  3. I think he will have something similar like what happened again. If the whole story would be blown off, he wouldn't tweet this. So indeed, the question is: ''Where will this go?'' We will see tonight when we will tune in, for Raw. :cole:
  4. Kind of stupid to revive this angle again.
  5. I find this so silly

    Brock so needs to throw Josh around again
  6. The man gets paid for it.. Plus, he was a wrestler himself.
  7. Let's see where this goes.
  8. needless to say im loving what theyre doing with Kane lately. Idec if he wins tbh, i love the destruction. MUWHAHAA
  9. I'm sorry, but does anyone actually give a single fuck?
  10. the 3 people that follow Josh on twitter probably do
  11. 194.893*
  12. Probably Scott Stanford, Road Dogg and Puppet H. :haha:
  13. I love Puppet H :gusta: :bury:
  14. Who would ever think little Josh from tough enough 1 would become an interviewer in WWE and then get thrown around by the wrestlers and be scared of them and demand to managment this needs sorting out lol
  15. I think this is the way they bring Laurinaitis back.

    Remember, there was an unsafe working environment under HHH. Now there's one under AJ and Booker?

    The only man who can control the WWE Superstars is :grin:.

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