News Mauro Ranallo joins WWE as the new voice of SmackDown

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 14, 2015.

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    Feel free to move it to SD section.

    Awesome! Now, bring in Josh, then fire Lawler and send Rich back to NXT and we're good!
  2. Looks like the whole crew from Right After Wrestling on The Score is finally in WWE. (Renée Young, Kyle Edwards, Jimmy Korderas previously worked for the E and now him.)
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  3. This dude has the perfect voice for commentary. Love him. Now let's see how well he does with Vince yelling in his ear every ten seconds.
  4. Why Smackdown? Raw is the one that needs the major commentary overhaul.
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  5. Because SD is where all the fun happens :smirk2:
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  6. That's cool. I hope he transitions to RAW.

    Also, I hope to God they don't make him feel uncomfortable with the insane micromanagement. No Joey Styles 2.0 pls.
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  7. I remember watching this gem live. Think he did a few more Right After Wrestling's then he was either kicked off or left.
  8. Hope things change for/on SmackDown in 2K16. #TeamOptimism
  9. Loved him in strike force
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