Max Payne 3

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  1. Just finished this before Vegas.... Got to admit...... It was a good play through...

    I didn't play as in depth as I normally would because I was rushing through so I could have it done before I left for vacation. So I did not get a lot of achievements... But the storyline was solid.

    I also was a huge fan of the camerawork they utilized for cutscenes in This game.

    All in all I do recommend this game for anyone who follows the series!
  2. Max Payne 3... :facepalm1:
  3. The last Max Payne game I played was the PS2 one years ago. Still haven't beaten it so I ragequit on that game.
  4. Number three is tonnes better... More arcadish
  5. Never played any of them? Are they good?
  6. Very good... Very dark.

    I'd just play through 3 and youll have fun. It rehashes his story
  7. They haven't released it here... :((
  8. Interesting, might have to give it a go.
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