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  1. I believe that today is the last day of the Maximum Impact tour of the UK, and well, I thought we could discuss some of the stuff - like perhaps the crowds and if you guys want, spoilers. the venues all apparently have a set-up somewhat similar to the recent one in NYC, so the metal bars and everything... but we also have a screen which is nice. Kinda seems as if Glasgow didn't sell THAT well, like previous years, but perhaps I'm wrong about that.

    Glasgow crowds:
    During the show (open)

    Photo from Matt Hardy (open)

    Manchester crowds:
    During one of the matches (open)

    Crowd looks good! (open)

  2. Well, like you said, at least there was a screen in the venues. And I'm glad the lights and all that jazz looked a tad bit better than those shitty little lights in NYC.
  3. Yep, although I kinda wish the black space around the entrance ramps wouldn't look so dull. Light it up a bit or something, put some Impact Wrestling banners there or something. Either way, it looks like these shows are gonna be great. In fact, it looks like after tonight, we'll have 6 Impact episodes taped plus lots of Xplosion, which is good. It could give them some time to think about doing house shows or PPVs throughout this year.
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