May 1, 2013 TNA News & Notes

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  1. TNA President Dixie Carter and Jeremy Borash are in Great Britain right now doing promotional work for the 2014 European tour, which officially goes on sale this Friday. The tour is the company's biggest week of their calendar year, so obviously they are going to be pushing this hard. The tour will run from 1/30/14-2/2/14 with dates in Scotland and Great Britain. There is a pre-sale ongoing right now at this link.
    Impact Wrestling is taped this week, but the company is on the road this weekend with several live events. This Friday 5/3 in Biloxi, MS at the Coast Coliseum and Saturday 5/4 in Baton Rouge, LA at the Baton Rouge River Center Arena will feature:

    *TNA champion Bully Ray vs James Storm
    *Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez
    *TNA TV champion Devon vs. Joseph Park
    *Bobby Roode vs. Chris Sabin
    *Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus
    *TNA Knockouts champion Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

    Impact Wrestling will be live next Thursday 5/9 from Tupelo, MS at the BankcorpSouth Arena. The day before, James Storm and SoCal Val will promote the TV Taping on Wednesday 5/8 at 4 PM at Direct Auto Insurance (2550 West Main Street) in Tupelo, MS. On Friday 5/10, the company will run the legendary Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, Alabama which houses Continental Wrestling forever as well as an ECW PPV in 2000.

    Chris Sabin, who's return match with the company following his second ACL tear will air this week, looks to be in for a big push over the long-term. The company has posted a two part interview with him online detailing his return to the ring and his goal of becoming TNA champion.

    The creative team is currently mapping out the next six months of TNA storylines. They have all their plans in place through Slammiversary currently. There are high hopes for the 5/23 Tampa, FL taping, attendance-wise, since it's Hulk Hogan's home market.

    Here is the official preview for tomorrow's Impact Wrestling:
  2. I hope they run with Roode / Sabin, Chris has the perfect underdog story to become a star for TNA. AJ wins the title at BFG this year, Sabin get's a big push before winning the X title and cashes in Option C for 2014 and beats AJ for the strap.
  3. Not really sure on where I stand on a major Sabin push. I love his in ring work but Shelley was always the stronger talker in my book. If he gets a feud with Roode the matches are at least bound to be great and Roode can help cover up Sabin's mic work. Not sure on if I'd put the world title on him though for example.
  4. I'm trying to find some videos of X division run pre MCMGs, he was confident then and is likely to have improved from that. Shelley was the better heel speaker but Sabin is good enough to carry it.
  5. It will be interesting to see how he adapted his ring style after his two knee injuries as well.
  6. Less spotty more mat work hopefully, cradleshock is a thing of beauty too so I'm hoping he's keeping that.

    Also your sig is magnificent.
  7. There was a gif of him and Gedo high fiving that I was also contemplating but I am saving that for whenever you and I agree on something.
  8. Damn guess we'll never see it then :sad:
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