Maybe a gaming section?

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  1. Why not? I know I'll be more active on that area of the forums. I'm all over that!

  2. no this is not gamingforums
  3. Why not? It's www forums and we have a TNA section!


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  7. Thread moved.

    It's actually not a bad idea. We already discuss some games in the Locker Room and there's WWE 12 game that we could talk. FIFA would be another one. Instead of using status box to ask others to join and play, you could just create a thread and invite people. Not sure if Crayo wants more sections though even though this could become a popular forum.

  8. Suggestion section bro, you'll get more serious replies there, lol.

    Anyway, not enough content for gaming section yet. Once this section becomes flooded with gaming enthusiasts like yourself, we can do it. We've had a TNA section effectively from the start, we're a wrestling forum, not just a WWE forum (though that's our main marketable niche). We were getting lots of sports threads so I decidewd to expand and have a sports section which has generated over 400 posts in 2-3 days. Eventually we will ofc have a gaming section once we get bigger.

    Edit: Moved before I replied, by "this section" I mean the Locker Room. Sure we have a fifa thread and there's WWE 12, but there's no where near enough discussion or content apart from Fifa. I'd love to have one in the future, as it's common for wrestling fans (without poking a stereotype) to be into games, like they are into sports - we're a weird breed.
  9. Cool. Just figured I'd ask. My store has over 600 games now!

  10. Pretty sure we have a lot of contents. (All his threads are from WWE 12)

    Those threads are from April only.

    There's more from previous dates..
  11. You're a lot less lazy than me.

    Those threads don't generate much replies (apart from Fifa discussion ofc). Though, I'll think about it, I'll possibly discuss it in the Staff section. It's a risk, I hate adding sections to a new forum (only just 4 months old remember), but if they're active I love it. All depends.
  12. Zev :laugh:

    I would be quite active I think, although I don't play games nearly as much cause IMO they concentrate too much on online play.
  13. Keep it out imo, the only games that are discussed are fifa, wwe 12 and a bit of FM.
  14. I'll try getting some gaming activity, I'm an avid gamer ^^

    It'd be great to have a gaming forum here.
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