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  1. *On Saturday Night Precision, the titantron suddenly cuts to a feed from a cameraman backstage. As the video fills the screen, the camera pans to show a backstage corridor, at the other end of which is Joseph Diamond, with his new Intercontinental Championship in his hand and his back to the camera*

    Andersen: Hey! Camera on me!

    *The cameraman turns and the frame shows Andersen Vega, walking slowly and quietly up the corridor towards Diamond - to his right, partly obscured to the camera by Vega, is Jack Rogue*

    Andersen: Hey Jack... how's your twenty-metre dash?

    Jack: Um... we actually never called it that.

    Andersen: I don't give a shit what you called it, the American way is the right way. The thing where you ran fast in Phys Ed.

    Jack: Well we never said Phys- um... yeah I wasn't too bad. Why do you ask?

    Andersen: Because you're about to dash over there, and superkick that idiot in the back of the head.

    Jack: I... I can't do that.

    Andersen: Well I can go back to my locker room and tear up your contract. When are you going to learn to be obedient?

    Jack: I don't see... why you'd want me to do that.

    Andersen: I gave up the Iron Man Championship for a fair, 1v1 match for the European Title, then I got thrown in a triple threat and that bastard cost me the championship. Now go, Jack, less talking more action!

    *A look of despair falls across Rogue's face, but he does as he's told. He begins to quicken his pace, though still moving silently along the corridor. The camera follows him at a distance, and after a few seconds it becomes clear that Diamond cannot hear a thing - he has headphones in*

    Joseph: Diamonds are forever... throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe, diamonds are forever...

    *Jack smirks slightly at the fact that Diamond is singing his own theme tune, but his expression darkens as he remembers the task at hand, and how far it betrays his principles. Now without fear of being heard, he runs into position a mere foot or two from the back of the Intercontinental Champion. He turns sideways, and as he bows his head deep sadness can be seen in his eyes, before he superkicks Diamond in the base of his skull*

    *The headphones fly out of Diamond's ears as he collapses chest-first onto the concrete floor with a grunt of anguish. Meanwhile, Jack falls to his knees, frozen, staring into space. Andersen Vega walks slowly into shot with a grin across his face*

    Andersen: There ya go! Well done, Jacky-boy!

    *Vega kneels down to get in the face of Rogue, but Jack gives no visible response at all*

    Andersen: Did you feel it? Did you feel that sadistic joy, did you feel the pleasure that came with that power? That power of having someone at your mercy and choosing to harm them - did you feel it, Jack? C'mon, hit him again.

    *When Rogue is still unmoving Andersen gets even further in his face*

    Andersen: I said, hit him again! Look, he's gonna get away! Stand up and kick him again!

    *Jack still hasn't budged since he first dropped to the ground, and Vega sees the hopelessness of attempting to stir him from his shock. He stands up and kicks Diamond in the side of the head himself, the champion collapsing once more, unmoving. The cameraman leaves Rogue, still motionless, and walks over to Vega*

    Andersen: Take that! Yeah, how does it feel to be hard done by, huh? How does it feel, you prick? You didn't earn that title, that's MINE! *Andersen lifts his left leg and begins to rhythmically stomp on Diamond's spine* Mine! Mine! Mine!

    *Vega pauses, then notices the Intercontinental title belt lying face down on the floor where it fell with its holder. Andersen smiles, walks slowly around the champion's body and picks up the championship. He stares, grinning, at the title, before dropping down to stare into the face of the semi-conscious Diamond*

    Andersen: You don't deserve this - YOU DON'T DESERVE THIS!

    *Andersen throws the belt at the neck of its champion and stops when he hears it land softly. He turns around and sees that it has fallen on Joseph Diamond's signature scarf, which he proceeds to pull off the limp body of its owner in frustration. Then, suddenly, he smiles and walks back over to Jack Rogue. The indentured fan favourite still hasn't moved an inch, but seems to awake from his trance as Andersen returns*

    Andersen: Since you're not so keen on kicking the crap out of people... you are going to take this, and you are going to tear it up, stomp on it, and make it worthless to that piece of shit Diamond. Because if you don't you will prove that you are worthless to me, and I will terminate your employment and send you on your miserable way. This is your test. What use are you to me, Jack?

    *Vega throws the scarf to Rogue, who holds it in his hands for a moment. He slowly stands up, staring at it, then looks behind him at the maimed Intercontinental Champion, before returning to the scarf with a look of sorrow. Then, suddenly, he switches his grip and pulls the scarf in two. At that point he pauses again, staring at the tear in the fabric, before releasing the two parts and watching them float to the floor. Then, unenthusiastically but methodically, he stands on the two halves in turn. He walks off them, revealing their soiled, ruined cloth, and looks at Andersen Vega for approval*

    Andersen: There - better. Maybe you'll be of some use to me yet.

    *As Vega walks Rogue away to the right of frame, the cameraman walks back over to show Joseph Diamond, who begins to slowly lift himself from the floor as the feed fades to black*

    -End of segment-
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