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WWE hit Knoxville for Monday Night Raw this past week and that created an easy opportunity for the Mayor of Knoxville County, Glenn Jacobs, to don his old wrestling gear and do some work both as Corporate Kane and The Demon Kane.

Corporate Kane won the 24/7 championship (before losing it almost immediately) while Demon Kane was destroyed by The Fiend, Bray Wyatt. All in all a fun night!

But how many more of those will we have left?

As Kane told Chad & JP of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, he doesn’t know when he’ll be done:

“As far as a shocking crazy return, I think it was. I think and as we say it was a really good piece of business. I’ve told people all along that last Monday they were in Knoxville so it was in my hometown and gosh, what a rush. Sometimes I forget about that but there is nothing like it. There is nothing like walking through that curtain and the entrance music and all that stuff. So, I’ve told people all along that I would never say that Kane is over because I don’t know when that part of my life will be over. If WWE asked me to do something, I’m probably going to try to do it because I really enjoy it. That was just a great night.”
When you’re busy playing politics all day every day, a trip to a WWE show, even to get taken out by The Fiend, sounds like a nice little vacation. It sounds like there may be many more to come.

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