Boxing Mayweather Chooses 'Final' Opponent For September

Discussion in 'Sports' started by The GOAT, Jul 21, 2015.

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    ...Andre Berto? Really?

    Well, at least it's gonna be free. Not that I would have paid to watch it anyway.
  2. Berto? Never heard of him

    Of course, Mayweather would choose the easier opponent and wouldn't choose someone like Amir Khan as he would lose.
  3. Surprises a plenty they always say.
  4. And now in the ultimate display of irony, watch Berto end up probably upsetting Mayweather and handing him his first defeat lol. I know there's such a little chance of that happening, but people said the same thing about Buster Douglas back in the day when he faced off with the undefeated Mike Tyson (whom everyone thought was invincible) and look what happened there.

    Either way, I don't expect this to be Floyd's final fight. I think he'll fight at least once more next year, especially if he wins against Berto in September since he'll have the opportunity to surpass Rocky Marciano's 49-0 undefeated record.
  5. Floyd fighting on CBS? lol, I'll believe that when I see it.
  6. For anyone that cares:

    23:35 The Mayweather vs Berto part begins.

    31:41 Floyd's own son calling Berto a bum lol.
  7. Easy victory for Mayweather..

    The greatest boxer of all time will retire undefeated.
  8. Floyd wins, duh.
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