Boxing Mayweather vs McGregor

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I betting on Conor because I would get less back going for Mayweather, and Conor is young and willing but tbh I still don't like him, i respect him but he has got his ass beat twice, Mayweather, none... But he will win cause Mayweather is old now
It's not about age. It's about who can fight better. McGregor is going to win because when you're close to a monster like that, there's just no escape. Mayweather usually dances around the ring like a coward. In a fight against McGregor, that's not going to work.

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I want McGregor to win, I really do. The man is a beast and is no doubt a dangerous guy. Plus I would love to see him beat Mayweather's face in. The guy is 21-3 and holds I think 2 UFC Championships (Google has showed me nothing on his championships, so I'm going off memory). There's no doubt that the guy can hold his own and has earned his nickname "The Notorious" (Which is a pretty cool nickname). My only worry about this fight is that it's set in Boxing rules, which is really limited compared to that of MMA.

Now if this was in the octagon then I have full confidence that McGregor would absolutely decimate Mayweather in under a minute. But it's boxing, and Mayweather, as seen, is good at playing the waiting game while in the ring and can dodge a good amount of strikes. I mean the man is, according to a Google Search, 49-0. Obviously he's doing something right. Though it'd be great if Mayweather went to clinch and Connor just rocked him right there in the clinch or something (Throw an elbow darn it!), that'd be amazing.

I know Connor has been training hard on learning the rules and strategies that come with the fight type, and I believe he can go all the way.I guess I'm gonna have wait though and see what happens when to two finally meet. inside the ring ... Hopefully McGregor is the 1 in 49-1.


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I honestly don't see McGregor beating Mayweather in Mayweather's sport. I would LOVE to see it because i love McGregor and absolutely hate Mayweather. I mean, this is a career boxer who's damn good. McGregor is a good fighter, but hardly a pro boxer.

And if you think UFC and Boxing is the same, then dear god lol

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