Boxing Mayweather vs Pacquiao, it's on!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 20, 2015.

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    May 2nd at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.. It's a fight a lot of people were looking forward too, I mainly wanted to see it some years back when both were in their "prime" younger part of careers.. I still think it will be an entertaining bout and I look forward to watching it.. who do you all think will win?
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  2. Mayweather
  3. While I always wanted to see this fight happen just to shut up Pac Man fanboys who know dick about boxing, the fight itself won't be great. Mayweather will do what Mayweather does, Manny's style lends itself perfectly to be picked apart by Floyd's countering ability.

    Hope the odds are close and I can make some decent money on it. Floyd wins an easy decision.
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  4. I got Mayweather myself, will wait on the odds to see if I want to fuck with the bet at all or not.
  5. I think Pacquiao wins this fight. I think he gets the motivation he lacked against Marquez. Mayweather is a brilliant boxer but all of his matches put me to sleep. I'm not big into the defensive style type of fight, but I respect it. My gut tells me Pacman
  6. I think mayweather wins a very close decision I'm glad its finally been made gunna be in the usa too when it goes hopefully i can find a way to watch it
  7. This is the first boxing match I've been excited about in years.
  8. This. There's no fucking way Mayweather loses.
  9. As much as this is a dream fight. It's kind of like a Taker vs. Sting match in 2015. Both of them aren't as good as they once were, and the opportunity to have this signed and have a good match, is gone. I'm pretty sure Mayweather is gonna come out on top, but it might be an extremely close unanimous victory.
  10. Lol 15 minutes is all it took for the bout to sell out.
  11. Let's do this shit. Hope Pacquiao kick this douche's ass

    Realistically mayweather is going to knock him out, seeing as pacquiao has the mindset of a fucking kamikazi when he is losing a fight.
  12. Pacman because he eats fruit and fights ghosts.
  13. Just discovered pacquiao is fighting 900g under-weight. Holy shit that's going to be rough
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  15. Undertaker style reactions I'm hoping
  16. Yo guys my buddy bailed to buy the ppv, anyone with a working stream?
  18. LIVE on the WWE Network for NINE NINETY NINE
  19. Gotta love when a boxer can hold and headlock throughout a fight and never get warned for it. Very weak win for Mayweather.

    Get a ref in there that enforces the rules and Pac-Man wins easily.
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  20. Really shitty ending. I can understand that the judges gave the win to Floyd, but the margin was way too high. 116-112 and 118-110 are just too wide a gap. You're trying to tell me that even if pacquiao knocked floyd to the ground three times he would still lose? Go fuck yourself.

    Really outrageous finish for a otherwise great fight. And I know I sound fanboy-ish, but I did declare mayweather the favorite several times before the match, after seeing the actual fight, though, I can't wrap my mind around this scoring.
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