Boxing mayweather's victory

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Billc, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Why am I not surprised that MacGregor lost to Mayweather? Could Mayweather beat MacGregor in his art? if I'm right MacGregor has never boxed. And he played Mayweather's game. I have to see Mayweather in a martial arts match against macGregor. Then, if he beats MacGregor I'll say he's GREAT. Great not just in boxing.


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  3. Neither guy could really compete with the other in their own sport. However, Mayweather had nothing to gain by competing in MMA. UFC couldn't afford to pay him a fraction of what he would make for a routine boxing match. McGregor wanted the boxing so Mayweather granted it, that's all.

    Yeah, in a MMA match, if wouldn't have lasted nearly that long. In fact, I wouldn't assume Mayweather would have lasted more than a round. But it just wasn't an MMA match.
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